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Torah Guidance On BDSM Relationships Involving Jews

Please, let this be me submitted to you, my Dominants!Foreword: Some thoughts about this page! Bet you didn't know that ancient BCE Torah is very progressive about the ownership and use of indentured servants and lifelong slaves, did you? In fact, from all the mis-teaching in this modern era, due to assumptions rather than learning, a page like this is very necessary to bring out the self-evident truth on this Torah matter. I understand this subject because - I am, by inherent mind-libido nature, a sexual submissive and am deeply in need of indentured sexual service to another(s). Not full time twenty-four/seven type servitude, but anytime you, my Dominants, have planned this for part of my day when in your presence. I am also a Jew, who must as well abide by Torah laws.

Torah has a lot to say on indentured service in the employment kind of way and lifelong service for those whose role in life is this. But, as well, these laws are just as applicable in matters of sexual servitude. And, what most don't know is that Torah's laws regarding the ownership and use of servants is pro - the protection of the servant's sanctity of life and the socially just and fair humane use of them. Progressive social justice in a time where humans could literally and legally own other humans in a livelihood form of way! Thus, it is obviously necessary to someone like me, who is sexually inclined to being submitted to ownership and use, to bring out on virtual paper a correct understanding of Torah's laws on ownership and use of indentured and lifelong servants (often translated as slaves, without defining the critical difference that Torah ownership is not like the more recent in history inhumane despicable acts now associated to slavery).

So, read on now, and let me teach you, my Dominants, how to properly sexually enslave my naked deserving Jewish ass (meaning whole body-mind), legally and for real, at all times that I am humbly in your physical presence for this (by your behest, of course)! These are laws you definitely want to know about! By demonstrating that you are knowledgeable of them, guarantees that I will have to submit myself before you in sexual servitude, allowing you the full legal right of use of my body-mind and dictation of my behaviors in your presence. It is not by accident this page exists between you and I. But, by a destiny dictated for me by you through your taking advantage of my sexual nature, for which I simply am literally unable to avoid experiencing with you! Make good and proper use of me, for your entertainment and libido satisfying pleasure, for this is your ownership right upon me. - joseph tsefanyahu farkasdi

Your Irish Jewish friend needs to be your sex slave!Torah gives good guidance for Jews who are a part of the BDSM community through its ancient regulations on owning indentured servants and lifelong slaves. It is necessary for male and female Jews  and non-Jews who "own" Jewish sexual slaves in their intimate sexual relationships to be aware of Torah's guidance, and for those who are "owned" in these relationships as well, to be sure that these sexual relationships are ensuring the sanctity of life of both the Jewish sex servant/slave owner and the Jewish sex servant/slave that is owned. To use such words of ownership is serious business for a Jew, given that Torah is very serious about the behavior of Jews in all aspects of living, that the behavior needs to comply with Torah mitsvot upon Jews. With this said, it is important to provide this Torah guidance for the sake of Jews with a natural inclination to sexual servitude to another and those with a sexual need to possess ownership. I understand fully in this lifestyle area, for I am one of them, a true submissive sexually needing and desiring and always seeking to be sexually owned in body-mind and behaviors. It is also very important, because not all Jews, whether dominants or submissives, are sexually given to other Jews. Some are in relationships with Goyim, and these non-Jews need to clearly understand the Torah directed boundaries of what is permitted to do to your sexual indentured servant or slave and what is not Torah mitsvot -wise. This is especially so, if the owner is non-Jewish and the owned is Jewish.

Torah speaks to us today through the language and social situations of the time it was written, but its teachings are always binding and applicable in some form or way with every aspect of living. Torah is completely concerned with the behavior of Jews, that it be always sanctified, and not concerned really at all with the emotional reasons for it. It's all about the actions with Torah, with what is being done, with what violates Torah mitsvot and what doesn't. So, this page is offered to help ensure proper understanding in the Dominant-Submissive sexual relationship community, so that sexual indentured servant and sex slave owners of the BDSM community know how to treat their Jewish male and female sexual properties. The bottom line to this special group of sexual indentured servants or sexual slaves is to do whatever you want as Dominants to them, but remember that Torah mitsvot is upon them and they are by birth obligated to the following of this mitsvot, the mitsvot of the Jewish family-nation upon them. It is greater than them, but they are a part and must observe. So, in your Dominant control and enforcement in the sexual relationship between them, the Jewish submissive, and you, the Dominants of the sexual relationship, please observe what Torah teaches and requires upon all Jews regardless their place and status in life! Jews have to be Torah sanctified, regardless how down-low or how wild their life or lifestyles may be. Here are the rules to follow, Dominants:

The promises a Jew makes he or she must keep, regardless whether it is made verbally or in writing in place of saying it verbally or both (D'varim 23.24 “what issues from your lips you are to keep, and you are to do as you vowed to ha'Shem you G-d, willingly, as you promised with your mouth”). So, it is very important that Dominants in a Dom-Sub relationship keep their spoken and promised words always, that a Dominant does not force a Submissive to make a promise that violates Torah mitsvot, and that Dominants hold a Submissive fully accountable to his/her spoken and written words. Agreeances made between Dominants and Submissives must be honored and treated as binding, and according to Torah they are legally binding (Bamidbar 30.3 “any man who vows a vow to ha'Shem or swears a sworn-oath, to bind himself by a binding-obligation, he is not to desecrate his word, according to all that goes out of his mouth, he is to do”, it does not matter if one is not in their proper mind at the time of utterance (meaning, wouldn't have made the promise were it not for the hormones and situation influencing the decision), only that the promise made through utterance be fulfilled according to Torah - so I've just re-learned at the time of this writing!). Only the Dominant can choose to change any agreement or arrangement on relationship activities and behaviors that have been made and agreed upon between them in this sexual role play arrangement, and can change it to whatever she or he wants - so long as the change does not violate Torah mitsvot (D'varim 30.15-16 “see I set before you today life and good, and death and ill, in that I command you today to love ha'Shem your G-d, to walk in G-d's ways and to keep G-d's commandments, G-d's laws and regulations, that you may stay alive and become many and ha'Shem your G-d may bless you”). This authority that the Dominant has over the submissive and the nature of the relationship between the Dominants and Submissive applies and is fully enforceable, until the Dominant releases the Submissive from sexual indentured service or slavery. Dominants in a Dom-Sub relationship must release their Submissive indentured servant from his/her servitude in the seventh year of their sexual relationship arrangement (Sh'mot 21.1-36 “when you acquire a Hebrew serf (a Jewish indentured servant), he is to serve for six years, but in the seventh he is to go out in freedom”). Unless, the Dominant manages to re-engage his/her Submissive into another six years of sex servitude or sexual slavery. Or, unless, the Submissive his-/her-self chooses and agrees to now be the life-long sexual slave of the Dominants, in which case the Dominants never have to ever release the Submissive from his/her sexual slavery again (Sh'mot 21.5-6 “but if the serf should say, I love my lord (and) my wife and children (and) I will not go out at liberty ... (then) he (the indentured servant now turned slave) is to serve him forever”, in this egalitarian age, if his lord is a woman, then he is to serve her forever!). A Submissive who agrees to be a sexual slave of a Dominant must submit to having his/her body pierced in the way Torah requires to signify for the rest of his/her life that he/she is sexually physically owned as the property of the Dominant (Sh'mot 21.6 “his lord is to pierce his ear with a piercer”). The words of the Dominant always goes in these types of relationship, especially so when the obligation to physical sexual service is promissorily structured this way. So, as there are the guiding and binding obligations of Torah mitsvot upon both Dominant and Submissive in these BDSM relationships involving Jewish Submissives, - Dominants must also be aware and understand that there is also a necessity to recognize the rights of others. The rights of those individual(s) who also have legal rights upon the Submissive, outside of the binding Dom-Sub relationship. For a clear example, Dominants who have engaged in ownership of an indentured sex servant or sexual slave who is legally married to another - but is now, as well, obligated for some reason to the binding sexual servitude between them, the Dominant and this Submissive - only the Dominants of this enforceable sexual servitude relationship or the 'legal Spouse by marriage/contract' of the indentured sex servant or sexual slave has the authority to annul the binding obligation upon the indentured sex servant or sexual slave (meaning, only the ones with legal rights to him/her who is self-promised to physical-sexual service, and not including him/her). That is, if the Spouse acts to end this sexual role play relationship when learning and knowing about it, then the Dominants who have ownership and promised, thus legal, rights-of-use must release the Submissive from his/her obligation to obediently serve. But, if his/her Spouse chooses not act to relieve him/her of the obligation he/she made to the Dominants, the indentured sex servant or sexual slave must fulfill his/her physical-sexual obligations to the Dominants, as the Dominants and/or Dominants-and-Spouse so decide for him/her, having no right by the promissory mitsvah of Torah to disobey or reject his/her servitude which he/she agreed to (Bamidbar 30.7-9 “if she becomes-married, becomes-married to a man while her vows are upon her, or the rash-statement of her lips by which she has bound herself, and her husband (in other words, spouse) hears, (and) at the time that he hears he is silent to her, her vows shall be upheld; all her binding-obligations by which she has bound herself shall be upheld; now if at the time that her (spouse) hears, he constrains her, he annuls her vow that is upon her, as well as the rash-statement of her lips by which she has bound herself, and ha'Shem will grant-her-pardon”, again, this law passage like other law passages in Torah applies to both male and female submissives, seeing how he or she is the “she” of the relationship in stereotypical BDSM role, meaning the submissive sexually). I know, that last one was a mouthful! But, as promised, I am giving you all that Torah has to say regarding ownership and use of Jewish sexual submissives, because every Torah mitsvah applies in its modernly appropriate way upon Jews and must be followed.

There are Torah specific mitsvot/laws to be followed by the Dominant and Submissive regarding the sexual indentured servitude or sexual ownership of a Jewish Submissive. Dominants must never cause the genitals of their sexual indentured servant or sexual slave to be damaged in any way (Vayikra 22.24 “genitals that are bruised or are smashed or torn-up or cut out you are not to bring near to ha'Shem”, meaning he (or she) is no longer sanctified before G-d; and further backed in the clearly demonstrated Torah passage of a woman aiding a man to hurt her man, D'varim 25.11-12 “and she stretches out her hand and seizes him by his genitals, you are to chop off her hand”, very serious prohibition this one!). You can do whatever you want kinkily and sexually and to your amusement at his/her expended/embarrassed expense, but no lasting damage incurred in the process so that he/she is always sexually usable by you or whoever else! Dominants must never shave with a blade the hair off of their sexual indentured servant or sexual slave, though trimming the hair off with clippers is fully permitted (Vayikra 19.27 “you are not to round off the edge growth of your head, you are not to diminish the edge growth of your beard”). Dominants must never permanent tattoo, brand, or scar the flesh of their sexual indentured servant or sexual slave (Vayikra 19.28 “an incision for a person you are not to make in your flesh, writing of skin etching you are not to place on yourselves”). Dominants must never force their sexual indentured servant or sexual slave to eat food forbidden by Torah for a Jew to eat (Vayikra 11.1-23, D'varim 14.4-2, too many to list here, but basically “no drink or eat blood, no pork, no seafood that has no scales, no undomesticated fowl, no mammals without cleft hoofs and chews the cud, no mixing meat and dairy products, and no insects unless it is (yuck) locust or crickets! Personally, would rather eat the freshly trimmed off pubic hair of all my Dominants in every meal they can come up with to feed me this than to eat insects! Forgive me, but that's just me.). Dominants must ensure that the physical health of their sexual indentured servant or sexual slave is always protected, no matter how humbling or indescribably wild the sexual behaviors or activities are (D'varim 7.14-15 “blessed shall you be above all peoples, there shall not be among you barren male or barren female, nor among your animals, ha'Shem will remove from you all sickness”, now we all know in this enlightened scientific age is that the only way this happens is when we together as Humans collective work to ensure this in some way!). Dominants must ensure that their sexual indentured servant or sexual slave is granted food and covering for the night (Sh'mot 21.10-11 “if another the human lord of a house takes for himself, then her board, her clothing, or her oil he is not to diminish; if these three things he does not do for her, she is to go free with nothing taken with her”, note that in modern sexual BDSM relationships the “he” is either “he” or “she,” and “she” the submitted one is either a “he” or a “she,” being that he or she is submissive and thus obviously the “bitch” as the submissive is so often called by Dominant she and he of these relationships). Dominants are not to force a Jewish sexual indentured servant or sexual slave into having sex with humans or animals forbidden by Torah mitsvot - and, these forbidden sexual acts clearly specified in Torah are: Making a Submissive have sex with members of the Submissive's own family. Male Submissives knowingly engaging in sex with a woman legally married to another man with him not knowing and legally arranging/permitting this. Male Submissives raping another male (keyword, "raping," an act of sexual violence upon the body and mind of another, which is what Torah is actually prohibiting along with religious prostitution). Sex for the purposes of prostitution, whether male or female, and whether the prostitution is a religious rite or for business profit-making. And, lastly, making your submissive sexually rape other animals of the planet (this last one is often badly and, understandably, wrongly translated, just like the one above on male-with-male sex - but, for honesty of translation and in fairness in rendering of these laws, I have presented them here accurately). [According to Talmud; there are only two unclear and undefined modes of sexual behavior between same-sex humans that is prohibitted, and these modes are learnable only through context; and choosing to engage in or by having your Submissive actively engage in sex with animals is defined as an act of rape, for the forced upon animal cannot give his/her consent to sex.]  (Vayikra 18.6-24, too many to list individually, so either trust the statements of what's prohibited here or, better yet, look closely at the “hebrew” itself, for unfortunately most modern translations are a bit questionable in accuracy on this one). Dominants that are female must never force their male indentured sex servants or sex slaves to be in contact with their menstrual flow during their period (Vayikra 15.19, 24 “a woman, when she is one-with-a-flow, her flow being of blood from her flesh, seven days shall she remain in her being-apart … and if a man lies with her, so that her being-apart is upon him, he will remain ritually-impure for seven days”, a complication for required daily rituals). The advantage to this, I guess, is your being able to make him inwardly sweat the consequences that he has no control over or rights to if-or-when you take his ejaculation without his permission or approval into you while not menstrating, should you be inclined for some reason as a Dominant woman to do this - it is your right, seeing how you are the Mastress and own every possession you take from him (just as it is your right to force him to receive into him what you desire that does not harm). Dominants must not cross-dress a Jewish sexual indentured servant or sexual slave, so recommend more time being humbly naked and exposed in every social situation (D'varim 22.5 “there is not to be a man's item on a woman, a man is not to clothe himself in the garment of a woman”). Dominants must not force your Submissive sexual indentured servant or sexual slave to worship you or others or any objects as if you/they/it were the formless creator G-d (Sh'mot 20.3-5 “you are not to have any other gods before my presence … you are not to bow down to them, you are not to serve them, for I, ha'Shem your G-d, am a jealous G-d,” beyond this, unfortunately for us Submissives, we must bow as much as you want in whatever manner you want!).

As demonstrated here, Torah is a necessary guide to the BDSM on proper treatment of Jews within the Bondage Discipline Dominance Submission community, and very specifically on how to properly handle your Jewish sexual indentured servant or permanent sexual slaves. Will someone PLEASE tighten these ropes to where I cannot escape my bondage and PLEASE sexually take advantage of and rape me like I need and deserve?!I am one of these sexual Submissives, and it is necessary to observe these Torah mandated rules on me as a sexual submissive, when I am finally sexually in some kind of real sexual servitude to Dominants around me, whether it be my wife, my wife and her friends or my friends, or those who I've made promises to before realizing and understanding the obligation of this upon me from the promising to doing. Beyond these specific rules governing do and don'ts of Jews in BDSM, please feel free to be as creative and explorative and as humbling and as embarrassing-for-submissive as you wish to be! Make good fun use of your sexual indentured servant or sexual slave, while keeping him/her properly sancified by his/her observance of Torah mitsvot. And, do make sure you make him/her know how much you literally do have the complete power of authority over him/her, how much you love this and his/her submission to this, and that you intend to truly exercise your authority for your enjoyment and pleasure and satisfaction! Let him/her know what it means to be sexually "owned," as he/she so badly needs to know inside! Thank you, for your observance ... alright, go use that living sexual property you own and possess, and make him or her know how powerlessly submitted he/she the bitch of the relationship is!  
Joseph T Farkasdi
My “Dominant” friends, I hope you have found this page educational and enlightening. It is a page that I hope you found needing to be said and are inclined towards sharing it with others. There is a lot about Torah that is misrepresented in religious translations of this ancient legends and civil-ritual law text. The consitutional law codes of the Jewish people's family-nation of Israel. There is much more for you to learn, if you are willing to explore my essay on this subject: What Is A Traditional Jew, Civil-Ritual Judaism for the 21st Century.

Just for present day clarification, I am presently owned as a loving and devoted husband to my Wife and am her personal sexual slave to do with as it so pleases Her. May She learn deeply from this page, as well, and with the encouragement of her friends, explore the opportunities that are now Her's to explore as my loving Wife and Mastress. I long to serve her well, in obedience and enthusiasm, all for Her deepest erotic pleasures!