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Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi

Hello. My name is Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi.

I make no claim to being anyone specifically important in this vast sea of humans upon the land we call earth. This is a judgement that only those closest to me can make. But, I have noticed that I seem to be all over the place in different forms online. Apparently, I’ve been born in three different generational time periods. Apparently, I have worked in more occupations and variety of jobs than I have ever worked in my life. Apparently, I have an amazing varieties of profiles. But, the problem to all this is – that none of them appear to be correct! Other than my personal Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, and GoodReads accounts.

So, even though I humbly protest that I am not that important in this world, to be so noteworthy as having my own personal web site on me, I do now have one here. A simple one with a legacy purpose in mind for my children and my children’s children. This is the official place to go to learn about Joseph T Farkasdi. Yes, quiet, sometimes stoic, and unassuming me. Some think that I’m smart, though. But, again, this is for you all to decide, not me. And I’ll leave such judgements for you.

On this web site, what I intend to present is a sort of artistic biography of who I am historically and what I honestly believe about this life we all are experiencing. Maybe, somehow and in some way, I might positively affect your perception and experience of life through this. Assuming, that is, anyone comes to visit this web site on little ‘ol not so important me. If you have, may you be blessed, and thank you in advance for visiting. If I have touched you in someway through my words of expression here, feel free to let me know on any of my official social media profiles above.

Thank you! Enjoy now what I have to share with you here!

Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi
Also known online as Tsefan Josef


Who is Joseph T Farkasdi?
Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi — Tsefan Josef — Joseph T Farkasdi — Joseph Farkasdi

Full name: Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi — Birth Month/Year: July 1967 — Birth Country: United States

Ethnicities: Eastern-European Jewish and Irish — Religion: Secular Humanistic Judaism

Places Lived: United States, Japan, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Germany

Military Service: Retired Army, Section Sergeant, SSG — Civilian Service: Teacher

Family: Married with three children

Political Views: Capitalistic Socialism, with a five-party electorate system – A People’s Democracy!

Primary Social Interests: Advancement of Mindful Awareness practices and worldwide Secular Humanism, Maintaining national Separation of Church and State, Sustainable and Renewal Resource practices on both corporate and consumer levels, Archaeological and Source Critical studies of human history, all branches of Scientific studies, and much more!

Secondary Social Interests: Legal protections and marriage equality for those who are LGBT, Legal rights and protections for those inherently meant to be engaged in Polygamous living and marriage arrangements (specifically, those of Polyandrous/Polyamorous orientation), Advancement of Family and strong family values without theistic ideology and influence, Advancement of socially needed and beneficial community-supported Naturist activities and places, and so much more!

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Intended contents for this web site:

On this autobiographical web site, you will discover a variety of thoughts and views about life and history that I hold dear and that is also based on available self-evidence. Along with this, you will also discover historical details about little ‘ol me, and some writings I wish to impart with my children for their reflections in life (like an ethical will, for instance). This web site is sectioned into primary areas of interest, and all relating topics will branch off from each of these.

Web site introduction video for Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi

Welcome Video, mp4 15secs
I am Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi, also known online as Tsefan Josef, and on the web (in the most oddest of places) as Joseph T Farkasdi. I have a presence in this world apparently, outside of loving connection with family, which has gathered some kind of interest, seeing how populated my name has been throughout the web. Exactly why? I have no clue of an idea! But, seeing that this is so, … here y’all go. My Personal Web Site.

Click on the above video link (directly above left) to get a quick “hello/thank-you” introduction. It’ll give you a chance to hear and experience me briefly, which is a feature not common with most personal web sites. I suspicion most people don’t want to be known in this way, except when being met in person. Hence, this is not a common feature. I personally don’t mind it, and look forward to meeting you either online or in person, or both.

In further places on this web site, you will find the following subjects for your education and exploration:
Biographical Legacy Information, my facts and views.
Adventures in Linux, my experiences with computer programming and device manipulation and development.
Mindful Awareness Research and Renewal Resource Activities.
Experiencing our Secular Humanistic Judaism and Jewish Family lifestyle and rituals.
Our family adventure in Organic Gardening and living a sustainable lifestyle, which includes eating organically.
From here, we’ll see (over time) where this web site expression builds and leads.

It is my deepest hope that you, my family, and you, whoever you are that visits this personal web, gets an enlightening view into yourself, through the lens of my reflection in life.

Most Sincerely,
Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi


A regular weekly walk through Bamberg Deutschland together – blessed!


My traditional Jewish expression – What Does It Mean To Be A Traditional Jew?


My mystic jewish expression – Sefer Digambara Pulkhanim ha’Yehudi.


Am conducting rational explorations into the nature of this reality we call life.

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