We Human Sapiens Are A Primate Among Three Human Species

Because someone reminded me today through his comments on one of my social posts how poorly we Americans are being taught our own history and our history as a species upon this planet …

Thought One – whether we like this or not, accept it or not, or want to believe it or not, we are a human primate species upon the land of this earth. Not believing it to be true, does not make it somehow not a simple fact of human life upon this planet.

Given our ancient-to-very-present history as a human primate species upon this planet Earth, self-named Homo Sapiens – and, specifically, to how we are given to warring violently and given to dividing ourselves into different “races” and discriminating against one another – it is very likely that we killed off our close cousins of human species – the human Neanderthals (Eurasia) and the human Denisovans (Asian) after meeting and mingling with them. Sure we may have started off with some inter-species mating and successful copulations, but history sheds a poignant light upon our nature with how the human Neanderthals and human Denisovans when extinct so quickly after human Sapiens enter their lands. The same thing happened to so many other animal species around this world – and is still happening to this day – once Homo Sapiens primates entered and inhabited the area. Oh Earth, beware the Sapiens primate!

Why am I a Neanderthal?

Why am I a Denisovan?

With our CRISPR technology, wouldn’t it be so nice to bring our cousin species back to life from extinction? It would teach us so much about ourselves as modern human primates!

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Thought Two – no matter how much historical untruths are repeated time and time again, this does not somehow make them the historical truth. No matter how many people may choose to believe it, it still remains revisionist history none-the-less.

To the belief that the phrase “hireling and slave” in the United States Star Spangled Banner is Francis Scott Key’s “expressing the superiority Americans felt compared to the downtrodden masses of Europe, for England was probably not unique in impressing their own citizens into the military” – that is the white-washed re-envisioned history of this time period.

There is more than enough historical records to demonstrate that the British deliberately attempted to “unofficially” start a race riot (more like war) in slave-owning America during this war of 1812, by encouraging slaves to join their British military and fight directly against their American slave owners. What was the British promise made to black slaves, if they would flee to the British? “Freedom from slavery” for all who come to the British. Who do you think were the British’s Colonial Marines of this (almost lost by America) war?

#StarSpangledBanner #NationalAnthem #TakeAKnee for social justice. #RestorativeJustice #TruthandReconciliation

Hominid (Human) evolutionary progression over time. At one time, not too long ago in Earth planetary history, there were six human species living upon this planet. By the time of the migration of Homo Sapiens (self-named “wise humans”) from out of Africa, these modern humans cohabited briefly with Homo Neanderthalensis (human Neanderthals in Eurasia) and Homo Denisova (human Denisovans in Asia) before (most likely) wiping these cousin human species into extinction soon after the cohabitation began.

[The above post was first posted on December 4, 2016. It has been reposted to December 20, 2016, to allow continuity between the election 2016 posts. Now, just in time for the American New Year, a new post for you below!]


What Does It Mean To Be Human In The Scientific Age?

We humans live in an imagined reality of networked fictions that we, by our genetically established nature, superimpose upon the objective physical world that we daily experience around us. Social fictions that are nothing more than words, but exert an imagined power in the collective social consciousness and behavior of humans. Some of our most notable human fictions are religious theological fictions, our fictions about the reality of nationalities, money, and different “races” of human Sapiens (regardless our skin color and physical features, all modern humans are the same human primate species), and our fictions about the reality of corporations as living entities on par with living humans. None of these fictions are a reality outside the individually and socially imagined world of humans. It is because we believe that gods and demigods exist, that nations exist, that a piece of paper represents a promised valued amount, and that humans are definably different in their whole based upon limitedly defined surface characteristics, these things exist for us as a reality. But, the moment that we stop believing in our human fictions is the very moment they cease to exist within this objectively real world around us.

This is how we human primates are able to so quickly adapt and socially change, as quick as within a single generation of years, into a totally new way of viewing and experiencing, living and reacting, with the world around us. By a simple genetic mutation a mere 70,000 years ago that granted us Sapiens, among all the six to seven distinctly different human species that once not too long ago in history did cohabit the world together, allowed us to develop a fictive language. To imagine and see things that are only real in our own minds through this imaginative language ability of ours, and to share these imagined realities and have other humans Sapiens believe in them, too. This amazing ability has since spurred us into working together in large numbers, in ways no other primate species on the planet could or can do, and this has literally elevated our human primate position to the very top of the food chain. We like to look upon ourselves as if this is our gift to the world, our “god given” ability to conquer the planet and master it. Yet, the reality is, we have done so most clearly throughout human Sapiens history in greatly violent ways and in self-glorifying indifference to the long-term effects of our human progress.

The extinction of all the other human species of the planet, each very shortly after our tribal expansion into their part of the world (the last one going extinct only a mere 14,000 years ago, human Floresiensis, of the island of Flores in Indonesia), is just one of many historical examples. And it tells us a lot about the beauty and the dangers of our human evolution – we are an animal species of this planet that is out of place in the ecological balance of nature, gifted with the magical power of reasoning and imagination. But, at the very same time, equally as given to our fears and intolerance towards others over our newfound place in nature. How would we have developed culturally and religiously if we had taken more time to evolve and progress as a species, and if we had not driven to extinction every other human primate species of the planet that was not our Sapiens own? I really do wonder about this. Would we have been more modest and environmentally conscious of our ascension as the dominant species of this planet? Would we not have made the mistakes of the last 10,000 years of seeing ourselves as separate from nature around us, somehow special and unique among life, thus disrupting the very balance of ecosystems and the future life of other species with our unrelenting and greatly intolerant of others pursuit of progress? I do wonder. Do you?

What Does It Mean To Be Human?
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Human Evolution: Religious Perspectives
The Hall of Human Origins offers a welcoming place to explore one of the most exciting areas of science, the study of human evolution. Despite strong public interest in the science, however, many people find this topic troubling when viewed from a religious perspective. Representatives of diverse religious communities encourage a larger, more respectful understanding of both the scientific evidence and religious belief.

In the photo below: Faces of our human brothers and sisters species that we once shared this planet Earth with. That is, shared with them until our Sapiens cognitive revolution. Pictured are human Erectus, human Floresiensis, and human Neanderthalensis. It is confirmed in genetic studies that human Sapiens, we modern humans, briefly mated with human Neanderthals and human Denisovans before driving them to extinction, and every other human species we came across went extinct directly after our arrival into their areas of settled residence around the world. What does this tell us about human Sapiens, especially when taking a look at our relations around the world in more present times?

Faces of our human brothers and sisters species that we once shared this planet Earth with. Very recently in planetary and human history, human Sapiens species – us, we “modern” humans – cohabited this earth with human Neanderthals, human Denisovans, human Erectus, human Soloensis, and with the “hobbit-sized” human Flores brothers and sisters species. At least two of them we know for a genetic fact we interbred with, that of the Neanderthal and Denisovan humans. Above: Left – Homo erectus, female. Reconstruction based on ER 3733 by John Gurche. Middle – Homo floresiensis, female. Reconstruction based on LB-1 by John Gurche. Right – Homo neanderthalensis, adult male. Reconstruction based on Shanidar 1 by John Gurche

Interesting side note: The study of genetics has revealed that some Neanderthalensis humans were light skinned and haired with blue eyes, and these human Neanderthals lived in the Middle East. It is in the Middle East that human Sapiens and human Neanderthalensis interbred about 40,000 years ago, before human Sapiens drove them into extinction. There are traces of Neanderthal DNA in European and Asian human populations today because of this. But, how did this Middle Eastern interbreeding affect Europeans? Now, get ready, this is where it gets interesting. There is genetic evidence that European human Sapiens of 10,000 years ago were dark skinned and haired with blue eyes. It was not long after this period that Middle Eastern human Sapiens migrated into Europe. There is genetic evidence that the Middle Easterners who settled in Europe were light skinned and haired, and this intermixing of Middle Eastern and Europe human Sapiens is a factor in how European human Sapiens lost their melanin and turned lighter in color (Europeans would say “whiter,” of course).

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And Here Are The Results Of The 2016 Electoral College Presidential Election

Remember, folks! So long as “we the People” who did not vote for this religious white nationalist Trump administration remain strong and attentive and politically/legally active, the political travesty occurring to our democratic way of life does not have to taint our nation’s future. We can use this political travesty of 2017-2020 to have the honest dialogue that was not made the last eight years, and put into action the changes toward real unity of citizenship that was the “hope” we aspired to. For the next four years, though – while we work to achieve this – we must accept that we now live officially in the Divided States of America – the Ununited States of America!

See it for yourself happening now. Donald John Trump, candidate for President of the United States in this 2016 national election lost the November 8th General Election by over 2.86 million more votes for Hillary Clinton, and by 73.6 million votes of majority “no” to his bid for presidency over the 62.9 million votes of “yes”. If the #ElectoralCollege fails to reject Donald J Trump – who is clearly unfit for the presidency and has clearly shown he has no intention of honorably serving in the interests of the People – as President-elect of the United States and, instead, choose some other Republican candidate in his place who will fulfill this constitutional duty faithfully, they’ll be joining a very long list of people who didn’t do their jobs these past eight years. And this list starts with the Republican Party and Reince Priebus. They will prove themselves to be nothing more than a rubber stamp organization for the Republican-Democrat political parties in general and, in this election, an extension of the effort to ensure a return of a clearly demonstrated white dominance to the governance of this nation after eight obstructionist years of attempting to ensure the failure of the first black Presidency of the United States. Do we really have to put racism and misogyny above the more important duty of governing the country? Let’s watch and find out, shall we? #election2016

Watch Live: Electors Cast Their Ballots In Electoral College Vote
Electors across the country are casting ballots today, on Monday Dec 19th, for President and Vice-President of the United States. The outcome of this election will determine who is President-elect in 2016 for the 2017-2020 Presidential term.

Welp, the Electoral College electors have decided to be a rubber-stamp confirmation party for the Republican party who did not win the majority votes of the citizens of the United States. Even after all that #NeverTrump-ism from so many in the Republican party. Getting the national government’s top positions all white again, all Christian again, and all white nationalist again has been the sole true goal of the Republican party for this last eight years, so they have now confirmed as of December 19th with the election of Trump against the clearly voted will of the citizens of the United States. #Resist! It’s only 4 years, then we can get back to building a world of freedom for all our children. We will not let racism and fear, xenophobia and hate, misogyny and narcissism define this country that we live in and have a citizen’s voice in. #TruthandReconciliation for the United States of America! There is no reason for U.S. citizens to “unite” behind a religious white nationalist #TrumpAdministration. All four years we must #Resist with a determined patriotic smile, actively defend our Constitution, and protect our democratic way-of-life! That Trump guy is #NotOurPresident – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020! It is time for the U.S. to return to the Direct Vote, and #NationalPopularVote is the way to achieve this, folks.


And so begins the rise of the religious white nationalist movement that features Trump as their leader to political dominance in the United States of America. It is a very sad day for American democracy. The merger of the fundamentalist Christian-Right and white nationalist Alt-Right together, both “historical revisionist” political movements, under the banner of the Republican Party has now been fully achieved in our United States, after having formed decades earlier (in 1945 for politically “radicalized” Christian Fundamentalists, and in 1968 for “state’s rights”-demanding White Nationalists) as opposition movements to constitutional civil rights advances within the “land of the free and home of the brave.”

I am reminded of the previous time in history when white supremacists had their (seventy year) hold on the American government, which ultimately led to the 1860’s Civil War. May the religious white nationalist reign of today be less than the four years given them (against the majority will of the People) by technicality of the present electoral system. And, as a reminder of our nation’s stand for liberty, let us for the next four years sing only the rarely heard and mostly unknown fifth stanza of this nation’s national anthem, this verse and this verse only from now on:

“When our land is illumined with Liberty’s smile,
If a foe from within strike a blow at her glory,
Down, down with the traitor that dares to defile
The flag of her stars and the page of her story!
By the millions unchained who our birthright have gained,*
We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained!
And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave
While the land of the free is the home of the brave.”

– fifth stanza that was added to the Star Spangled Banner by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. in indignation over the start of the American Civil War, and that was sung during this period by the Northern Unionists fighting for abolition and against Southern secession.
*-the new citizens by the freeing of chattel slaves

Donald Trump Completes Final Lap, Electoral College, to White House
The Electoral College has affirmed Donald J. Trump as the nation’s 45th president, pushing him past the 270-vote threshold for election, with scant evidence of the anti-Trump revolt among electors that some of his critics had hoped would occur.


The United States is now under siege from within by the ascension of the Christian-Right, Alt-Right, and Economic elite merged into one party candidacy that now has control of the Executive Branch of the United States! #Resist! It’s only 4 years, then we can get back to building a world of freedom for all our children. We will not let racism and fear, xenophobia and hate, misogyny and narcissism define this country that we live in and have a citizen’s voice in. #TruthandReconciliation for the United States of America!

Sadly and very unfortunately, the United States of America is now officially under political distress! And it is the duty of the U.S. citizens to now be carefully on-guard and politically attentive – to #Resist all four years with a determined patriotic smile, actively defending our Constitution, and protecting our democratic way-of-life! Trump and his business family, the religious fundamentalist right, and the white nationalists can do no damage to our democracy, if we the People actively prevent his disruption of the progress that’s been made toward a more socially just and moral society the last eight years. In fact, we can use his presence to have the social awakening that needs to happen within American white society, thus encouraging the changes that could not yet be made and ensuring a brighter and better future for the future children of the United States.

On December 19th, 2016, the Electoral College voted Donald J Trump  as President-elect for the next U.S. Presidency term. Let’s take a moment to really see what just happened: The Electoral College voted a candidate clearly unfit for the role of President, against the clearly established voted will of the People of the United States. By doing so, they voted for the #TrumpAdministration, which means: They voted Goldman Sachs and ExxonMobil into the Executive Branch, they voted Ken Ham Creationism pseudoscience and Christian fundamentalist Dominion Theory believers into the Executive Branch, they voted the White Nationalist Alt-right movement and Generals who specialize in regime-change wars into the Executive Branch, and they voted to allow Donald J Trump to use the Office of the President to enrich his name and his internationally-connected businesses at the expense of the security and sovereignty of the United States of America.

Good job rubber-stamp organization for the Republican-Democrat political oligarchy of this country – you have failed your constitutionally enshrined duty to our democratic Republic! #ElectoralCollege, that #Trump guy is #NotOurPresident – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020, and we will not unite behind his presidential administration. To do so, is to be complicit in and supportive of religious fundamentalist white nationalist governance of our nation. #Resist, majority citizens of the United States that did not vote for him! It’s the 21st Century, and it is time for the United States to embrace #RestorativeJustice and #TruthandReconciliation. Because, white America, #NativeLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter and #LatinoLivesMatter and #MuslimLivesMatter – and it’s not true that #alllivesmatter until white society of America shares it’s #WhitePrivilege with the rest of America. We are now once again in clear and no uncertain terms officially the racist, misogynist-supporting, homophobic, and xenophobic Ununited States of America – #DividedNotUnitedWeStand!

When over 73.6 million U.S. voters deliberately refused Trump’s presidency by voting against him (and only 62.9 million voted for him), when over 2.86 million more U.S. citizens voted for Hillary Clinton as President and the majority of voting citizens rejected a Trump presidency – yes, the citizens of America have lost hope and are understandably unwilling to come to terms with what happened in this #election2016 and there is no rational reason to “unite” under a religious white nationalist #Trump presidency. The #ElectoralCollege failed to reject Donald J Trump as President-elect and, instead, choose some other Republican candidate in his place and, very sadly for the United States of America, they have joined a very long list of people who didn’t do their jobs these past eight years. And this list starts with the Republican Party and Reince Priebus, the political party that has made a household name out of “government by obstruction” over the last eight years for unspoken racist reasons. Do we really have to put racism and misogyny above the more important duty of governing the country? We are better than this as a diverse nation of people, and we know this! It is time for the U.S. to return to the Direct Vote and, citizens of the United States, the #NationalPopularVote is the way to achieve this.

In the meantime, we must be vigilant as citizens of this nation and do not hesitate to take action in our legislative halls and in our courts to protect our pluralistic democracy from the predatory economics, religious fundamentalism, white nationalist ideology, and military-political imperialistic opportunism of the Trump-Pence-Bannon-Flynn campaign to “Make America” … uh, “self-profiting,” uh, “under Christian dominion,” uh, “separately and noticeably white,” uh, “a hater of those not American” – oh, yeah, that’s right – “Great Again!”


“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.” – anonymous U.S. Army soldier

“To be offended is to take the first step in being a totalitarian megalomaniac. Acting on that offense with state force is the epitome of intolerance and tyranny.
To be offended by what someone else says is your own choice, as you don’t have to care about what other people think, and nothing has happened to you. Information merely passed from their mind to yours.
To state that you are offended means that you wish the person hadn’t said it and won’t say anything similar again. In other words, you actually want to stop certain information from being communicated.
You must believe that you have some sort of right to dictate not only what people can and can’t communicate, but what they can and can’t think.” – Matt Agorist, veteran USMC

PA Man Arrested and Jailed for Flying a Flag Upside Down Gets $55,000
Blair County, PA – A man from central Pennsylvania was kidnapped by police and deprived of his rights for doing nothing more than hanging an American flag upside down on his own property (with AIM painted on it). Joshua Brubaker has since settled a civil rights lawsuit against the city for more than $55,000.
Luckily for Brubaker, a judge would later dismiss all the charges against him. The township has since advised its police to stop enforcing the state’s tyrannical and 1st Amendment-violating flag desecration laws.

What Did This Marine Do After Driving Past An Upside Down American Flag?
Elias Marzeleno, a Marine reservist, told KSAZ-TV that “it was plain disrespect that someone would raise our own nation’s flag upside down.”
The franchise owner, who served in the Marines himself, said the upside down flag was little more than an honest mistake, and he won’t be disciplining anybody over the incident. He also thought the reservist who cut the flag down over-reacted. What do you make of the whole ordeal? Did the Marine reservist overreact, or did the franchise owner not react enough?

#TakeAKnee over the rise of religious fundamentalism, corporatocracy, and white nationalism in our national government – this democratic nation is under distress! #TakeAKnee for #TruthandReconciliation and #RestorativeJustice in the United States of America, it is way over due! #BlackLivesMatter #NativeLivesMatter #LatinoLivesMatter #NoDAPL #LGBTQ #Equality #EverydaySexism #EmpoweringWomen


This “Two Americas of 2016” map set really shows just how much the Electoral College system disenfranchises the majority of U.S. citizen voters. So long as it exists, elections will never be fair and representative of the People. With President Barack Hussein Obama, an African-American, as the only candidate in U.S. history to receive the most Direct Votes for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton, a European Woman, in 2016 received the second largest number of citizen’s votes. But, she did not win. Why? (The answer follows below the two maps.) Now, as to that Trump guy and his sidekick Pence, he came in 46th. Just pitiful! No amount of revisionist history will change these self-evident historical facts.
#election2016 #Trump is #NotOurPresident – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020! #ElectoralCollege

“Trump’s America
Geographically, Donald J. Trump won most of the land area of the United States. A country consisting of areas he won retains more than 80 percent of the nation’s counties.
While Trump country is vast, its edges have been eroded by coastal Democrats, and it is riddled with large inland lakes of Clinton voters who were generally concentrated in dense urban areas.”

“Clinton’s America
Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won the cities, like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City, but Mr. Trump won many of the suburbs, isolating the cities in a sea of Republican voters.
Mrs. Clinton’s island nation has large atolls and small island chains with liberal cores, like college towns, Native American reservations and areas with black and Hispanic majorities. While the land area is small, the residents here voted for Mrs. Clinton in large enough numbers to make her the winner of the overall popular vote.”

“Land Area
Clinton’s America, 15%, 530,000 square miles
Trump’s America, 85%, 3,000,000 square miles

Clinton’s America, 54%, 174 million
Trump’s America, 46%, 148 million”

Now, to put this into perspective:

Popular Vote on Nov 8th
For Clinton, 65.8 million citizens voted for her
For Trump, 62.9 million citizens voted for him

Electoral College Vote on Dec 19th
For Clinton, 227 electors voted for her
For Trump, 304 electors voted for him

What is obviously wrong with this picture?! In deciding who is going to be the President of the United States of America, the Electoral College with great disparity gives unfair voting advantage to the white population of the United States of America and, due to geographics, collectively disenfranchises citizens who are not white Americans. Statistics do not lie, folks! And Americans have a legitimate reason to be angry and unwilling to “unite” behind a religious white nationalist administered Trump presidency. Hillary Clinton never had a chance of winning this presidential election, and the Evangelical Christian and White Nationalist advisers to the Trump campaign very well knew this. They’ve been working this voting base for eight years, in preparation to push their emotional buttons.

The Two Americas of 2016
For many Americans, it feels as if the 2016 election split the country in two.
To visualize this, we took the election results and created two new imaginary nations by slicing the country along the sharp divide between Republican and Democratic Americas.