Putting this Election 2016 into Honest Perspective

we-the-people-of-the-usaPutting This Election 2016 Into Honest Perspective (What Has America Done?!)

Remember, that Trump guy did not win the Presidential race, he outright *lost* it by over 2.86 Million Direct Votes of the People against him. In total, 73.6 Million U.S. Citizens rejected Donald John Trump as the next desired President for the United States. He won by Electoral College only! The Electoral College is a system enacted in slavery days, and was designed to give Southern states – whose majority population was slaves who could not vote – a chance at winning national elections. This Electoral system is now being used in modern times to give unfair advantage to white voters, by usurping the effect of minority votes across this country. It disproportionately favors a select few number of states that are the majority decider in who is elected to the Presidency, regardless of what the Direct Vote (the “Popular Vote”) turns out to be.

Why does neither the Democrat or Republican party, the two dominant parties in the United States, do anything about the Electoral College (like get rid of it!)? The answer is blatantly obvious. It is because both are predominantly white in constituency, and both parties are about *winning* the election, first and foremost, with the expressed will of the People that they campaigned on coming in second. It will require American citizens en masse to uproot this system that rejects the expressed will of voting U.S. citizens! The only question, is when are the United States citizens going to get pissed off enough to truly say enough’s enough?! When will this happen?

That Trump guy lost the the Presidential race by Direct Vote – clearly – and has been rewarded the victory by Electoral College, regardless. The majority of voting U.S. citizens voted against that Trump guy’s nomination to the Presidency of the United States. And the Democrat and Republican parties – who were *both* #NeverTrump during the election – bowed down immediately to the Electoral results alone – and have been telling the American public to accept the Electoral College results and to now come together in unity around a racist, misogynist, xenophobic individual with clear business conflicts of interest as President. #NotMyPresident #TrumpProtests That Trump guy is a secretive and habitually lying autocrat in the making, whose only clear and apparent motivation in life is to enrich his name and his businesses. And what better way to do this than to have power and insight of a president?!

Now, add to this who that Trump guy has surrounded himself with. That Pence guy is a Christian fundamentalist that believes in and pushes pseudoscientific Creationism. If you don’t understand what this means, let me make it very clear. He believes the earth is 10,000 years old and was created by a imaginary god found in a sacred book of his religion, which he believes is actively involved in and controlling the affairs of this planet – thus, you don’t need to worry about climate change (all is the god’s plan), science has no evidence and is only a philosophical theory, thus, is to be rejected as capable of guidance, and Ken Ham’s cultic pseudoscience called Creationism should be taught in public schools along reputable and evidential sciences. Not to mention, being a Christian fundamentalist, that Pence guy has a history of attacking women right’s, supporting scientifically debuncted homosexual reparative therapy, and the constitutionally protected freedom of citizenry to not be legislated by Christian religious morals in public law.

If this wasn’t in itself enough of a national and constitutional problem, the two of them together, look at the other key individuals that the Trump guy has surrounded himself with. That Bannon guy is also a business man with secretive behaviors regarding his business activities, which will not be in Blind Trust anymore than that Trump guy’s businesses will, and that Bannon guy is a known and well documented racist white nationalist, with interests in literally segregating the United States of America into white America and that other America. Then, there is that Kushner guy, who also – like the Trump guy – is born into wealth through his daddy’s real estate businesses and by having the keys to that Trump guy’s business is financially in bed with that Trump guy deeply. Now, he is an Orthodox Jew, which means that he’s going to be very sympathetic to that Pence guy’s Christian fundamentalism and Creationism pseudoscience. So, the rich are about to get richer, the hopeful poor that voted for him are going to be sorely disappointed, and minorities of all types across this country are going suffer more from white nationalism and religion these next four years.

Understand, America, what you have actually done! You have given the less desirable business elite (the previously not as influential anti- Gates and Soros types), with a history of racism and religious bigotry, the top positions of the United States government. A nation that is supposed to be a democracy of the People (all the citizens together), that keeps religion separate from public governance. And, you’ve given the white nationalists and religious fundamentalists a seat at the presidential table that they’ve been salivating over for seventy years. By enough Americans voting for them, emboldened by the free expression of their racist views toward fellow citizens of the United States, both bigots and religious fundamentalists are in ideal power to establish racially motivated theocratic “law and order” upon all Americans through their election by Electoral College only. The majority of U.S. citizens who voted had enough sense to not vote for this, but we have yet to step up as a nation of people and demand fundamental change in how government is to be approached and decided in this country! What has happened here is nothing new.

Since the rise of the politically active Christian fundamentalist Right in America in 1945, our democracy as a nation governed “by the People” has been under direct assault legislatively. The more progressive we become nationally through the centuries of minorities in America fighting for liberty and justice, the more white America becomes defensive and attempts to turn back the clock – to a more golden white dominated age of American history. Adding to this white America’s refusal to act on #RestorativeJustice and #TruthandReconciliation, which will directly address white racism against minorities in the United States, we are now facing the possibility of a further move away from the anti-monarchy/anti-church three branches of government ‘Era of Enlightenment (Age of Reason)’ democracy of the People based in Deism, that the Founders established in 1776 – and a direct move toward white Judeo-Christian fundamentalist democratically-structured theocracy in the United States of America. If we truly do value the Constitution of the United States of America as citizens, then we cannot let this happen. We must become – every one of us – socially and politically involved in usurping this effort through educating the citizens of our communities, through constant legislative battles, and winning in court. American democracy itself is honestly at stake!

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2016 Election Results:

Direct Vote (Popular Vote), 8 Nov: Clinton, 65,844,610 – Trump, 62,979,636 – All Others*, 7,804,213
The People of the United States chose Hillary Clinton for President by 2,864,974 majority vote on 8 November 2016! (- as of final count, 20 December 2016) Over 73.6 million voters (73,648,823) out of 136.6 million (136,628,459) did not choose Donald Trump for the presidency. With President Barack Hussein Obama (an African-American) as the only candidate in United States history to receive the most Direct Votes for President from the citizens of the United States (65,915,795 votes for his second term election to President), Hillary Rodham Clinton (a European Woman) has now received in 2016 the second largest number of citizen’s votes for President in the entire history of U.S. Presidential elections (she was only 71,185 votes shy of tying President Obama’s historic vote record – the citizens of the United States clearly made their choice known in this election, and it was *not* that Trump guy)!

*All Others – Suppressed “third party” candidates that the U.S. citizens who were brave enough to vote for real change in the political environment of the United States dared to actually vote for (despite the Democrat and Republican parties’ insistence that this are wasted votes!).

Electoral College Vote, 19 Dec: (expected vote) Trump, 306 – Clinton, 232 (actual vote) Trump, 304 – Clinton, 227**
The ruling partisan political and governmental establishment chose that Trump guy as President-elect on 19 December 2016 (UNLESS THEY DON’T, and pass voting the LOSER into office to the Republican controlled HOUSE) , against the majority vote rule of the United States voting citizens. This action on the part of the Electoral College has demonstrated that the Electoral College has become nothing more than a partisan “rubber-stamp” system in the United States of America, and no longer reflects the intent of the Founders (which was to keep a candidate like Trump, who preys on populous notions and has no qualifications for the job of President, from becoming President, by voting for a candidate that has the necessary qualifications (even if its against the will of the People, who have been duped in their direct popular vote).

The protests need continue, battles in court need to be waged, and pressure put upon the ruling political parties to end the Electoral College, a system born of slavery days and used in modern times to give white votes an advantage over minority votes in the United States of America!

**-This is the highest number of what has become called “faithless electors” – for not voting for the established candidate of either the Republican or Democrat parties that have monopolized the political system of the United States – in U.S. history, with three electors in Washington voting for Colin L. Powell and one elector for Faith Spotted Eagle, one elector in Texas voting for Ron Paul and one for John Kasich, and one elector in Hawaii for Bernie Sanders – despite the tremendous pressure put upon all these electors by the ruling political parties of the United States to not vote for any other candidate or any other party other than the candidate of the party dominated the particular state. The “winner take all” electoral votes system of some states disenfranchises the voters who have cast their vote for the majority losing candidate of the these states, and the forcing electors to “pledge allegiance” to a particular candidate before the electoral vote of some states (who replace during the election any who defy their made pledge) is actually unconstitutional per the 12th Amendment.

Hopefully, next election 2020, there will be no electoral college to rob the citizen’s vote, and people will feel free to vote for more parties than the ruling two political parties that want to tell you how to vote!


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Following below is a 7 Dec 2016 addition to this post:

Why is THIS not a national holiday? December 6, 1865: The 13th Amendment ratification day. #BlackLivesMatter #TruthandReconciliation in the United States!

Here is an article written in 1865 on the Southern influence garnered upon the U.S. Government by establishing an Electoral College in the 1780’s: “In our country the bitter fruits of national injustice and oppression were apparent at an early day. From 1789 to 1861—a period of more than seventy years—the Southern lords of the lash, through the concessions made to them in the Constitution, were almost as much masters of the general Government as of the slaves on their plantations.”… a direct reference to the Electoral College system …”Their property in human flesh, under a vicious and anti-republican rule of representation, increased their political power to such an extent that, by acting always as a unit, and adroitly taking advantage of party divisions at the North, they were able, from the very beginning, to control the legislation of the country for the support and perpetuity of their hateful system…. and so watchful were the guardians of the system, and so imperious in their demands in its behoof, that they were always able to prevent the adoption by Congress of even constitutional measures that were likely to expose it to the slightest peril. Subserviency to the slave power became the fixed habit of politicians and parties at the North.… Nothing could better illustrate the power which slavery had acquired over the Government than the hesitation of an anti-slavery Congress to undertake this work of expurgation and reform.”

December 6, 1865: The 13th Amendment, Prohibiting Slavery, Is Ratified
“In our country the bitter fruits of national injustice and oppression were apparent at an early day.”
With Georgia’s ratification of the 13th Amendment on this day in 1865, slavery was finally declared incompatible with the ideals of the United States Constitution, and was prohibited. In August, as the measure, passed by Congress the previous January, made its way through the state legislatures for ratification, a month-old publication called The Nation commented on the meaning of emancipation for American democracy.

With the Civil War and passing of the 13th Amendment, that outlawed chattel slavery only, came the rise of the second form of slavery in the United States – state owned “convict leasing” programs that mass imprisoned African Americans and leased these prisoners to Southern industries. This to-prison-pipeline for black Americans has continued in one form or another all the way to the present day. #RestorativeJustice is due! #ElectoralCollege #NationalPopularVote

On this Yom Kippur 5777

On this Yom Kippur 5777:

I regret all the years I’ve been absorbed with who I am, and not enough being focused on what I am. For this, I apologize. I intend to be more consciously aware of this, daily, from now on.

I am a member of the human species upon this planet, a highly intelligent and creative primate species. That, sadly, leans toward emotionally self-centered indifference towards others much of the time. It is our human frailty, which we each must learn in our own way to evolve from.

As a member of the human species, I not only must be attentive to us and what we are doing as humans upon this planet, but to the other living species we share this planet with. All life is nefesh chayah, not one is more significant or better in any way to the other. We are all important and significant members in the planetary tree of life.

I regret not being more of a teacher on this throughout my life, not bringing our world closer to the awareness of this fundamental self-evidence. But, without excuses, I had to struggle with self-awakening first. It was a painful and long process, and I’m probably still not done with this, yet. I intend to be more socially active in healing this world, now and into the future.

Let’s try something today, and we might as well make it every day. Reflect for a moment, and see what pains us. Simply acknowledge it and apologize. Then, actively strive to not be a contributor to this from now on. Let us step outside the fictive ideologies of humankind for just a moment, and see our humanity as we really are. It’s life changing.

#YomKippur #Humans

I was taught from youth to believe that …

I was taught from youth, indoctrinated really, to believe that religion is the reason for morals. That without religion, societies would be without morals and egregiously decadent. For much of my life, it did not even occur to me to question this taught in youth belief. I went through life simply assuming that it must be true by inherent default, and that this is why religion and being religious is needed. I saw life this way even when I began to question the honesty, reasoning, and truthfulness of religion and religion’s version of human history. I saw life this way, because I’ve always known “religion is the reason for morals” as true, and knew of no other way to look at it – no other alternative or option. That is, until I started studying academic history and archaeology and psychology, and so forth. That is, until I started to travel around the world and experience human communities outside the worldview of the one I was raised in.

Before my awakening to the indoctrinated state of my mind, I knew that within my own community and within my own country that, even with the emphasis on religious upbringing and involvement and insistence that religious values and morals be upheld, still yet within my very own society are examples too numerous to count of people and groups doing the most egregious of acts. Often, most – if not all – of them were raised in a religious-emphasized indoctrinating culture. So, how is it, I began to question, that so many still end up or choose to do “immorally”, despite religion’s ready presence? Even now, with my now beginning to question life’s perspectives, I still was yet too ready to just easily and readily accept the common religious explanations for this without much further thought. But then, something eye-opening and wonderful happened. I began to travel!

humanistic-evolutionTaking up the life of a traveler exposes you to a variety of different cultures, governments, religions, philosophies, and so forth – many of which are very different from the one we individually grow up in. In my travels, I discovered that the most moral countries I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in or exposed to happen to be the least religious. I began to ask myself, how possibly could this be so? If religion is the source of morals, how is it countries that reject religion could be more democratic, ethical as a populace, have lower crime rates, have more general compassion for the welfare of others, and be more eco-conscious friendly? And, in my travels, this being contrasted starkly with being in countries where religion dominates and controls everything. There are more punishments for perceived crimes, a greater disparity between women and men, as well between one race/ethnicity/religion and another, a constant threat of violence and warfare in the streets, a general lack of empathy among the populace, and an utter lack of regard for the environment – the future of our humanity, if taken care of.

With my travels came the slow but sure breakdown of the religious indoctrination of youth deep within me, the slow but assured realization and discovery that I had only a “taught” version of truth – a very specific way in which to look at the world. Most importantly, I discovered that the way I had been raised to view the world is not the only way in which to view this world. There are other ways, outside of religion’s input and influence, by which to view the world much more factually and accurately and much more historically accurately. I had begun to discover a world based in embracing reasoning, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and ethics without theology and a theology’s added god-concept. I learned in my travels and studies that forming some kind of non-theistic ethics is the natural inherent state that we humans think in, and historically such embraced thoughts work their way into religious thought and belief soon or, as is more often the case, a very long time after.

I became very aware that morals do not come from religion. Rather, religion simply reflects the non-theistic ethical/moral values the religion was developed in. In time, due to secular free-thinking influence upon it, religions slowly transform and evolve – always very resistant-ly so – to more moral states and stances that generally contradict the fundamental texts the religion is born upon. It is the justification of enlightenment and the after claim that religion thought of it first that is used to keep the religiously indoctrinated into believe that a religion’s way is best and religion is the reason for morals. In everyday reality, though, non-theistic non-religious secularist thoughts on human ethics is the real reason for the changes in societies. We, as human beings, are inherently good without god, and are inherently prone to forming societies based upon beneficial laws and beliefs rooted in an ever evolving understanding of what is ethical. And this is so, whether a society embraces religion or not. In fact, it is easily demonstrable that societies that not religious – that do not reject nor endorse religion, are the most quickest countries to develop a higher standard of ethical/moral living and place national emphasis on this.

In the religion I was raised in, adherence to this religion’s morals, beliefs, and religious laws is necessary, all to ensure that I have a chance at entering the world to come. I no longer believe that this world actually exists. Rather, it is a clever and well designed imaginary religious fabrication taught to us to ensure that we remain on the religious path throughout our lives. For, if one is taught this and believes this early enough in life – can imagine this world-to-come for themselves, then this world takes on a believable life or reality of its own in our heads. It our fabrication, our belief now, and for most holds a bit of reality within us throughout our lives. But, through un-indoctrinating from a religious view of reality, I have come to learn to observe reality just as it obviously is. Without any human imaginative fabrications added to it. I no longer believe in an afterlife, for I no longer have a reason to believe in it. For me, personally, it is no longer necessary to embrace the social presence of this human imagined concept and, instead, devote my time to finding what joy and amazement that I can amidst the uncertainties and tragedies that equally accompany “living life”.

When we live, we live in joy and suffering – both extremes being part and parcel to the experience of living itself, of being alive. When we die, we simply die – and all that we individually were for a moment simply fades away, atoms and energy re-dispersing throughout the fabric of the universe. From non-existence we came, were formed into a breathing body-mind, and into non-existence we return. And this natural order of things is totally alright. Understanding this, we can realize that it is a good life! We are but just a momentary expression, a grand expression of life, in this universe comprised with life – and even the universe has a beginning and an end. To be no more itself, once its time has finally come. Why should it somehow be any different for us, just because we can fantasize and hope for this?

The ability to believe in a god is a uniquely human capability. For it is we humans that have created our imagined gods and goddesses – every last one of them, our sacred words and religious rites, and even the various words themselves for this not directly see-able or know-able thing we call “God”. We first learn about god from other human beings, and then created our own personal model of this imagined god from what they teach and what we conceive within our own imaginations. This doesn’t make god real, it only makes our expressions about the reality of a god real. And, as I’ve come to be aware of, we don’t need and never have needed, really, a god to be good and decent and productive and compassionate and attentive human beings. We only need to be observant of our collective-ness and our very human condition. This alone is enough to stir the need for ethics and reason within the human mind, powerful motivators that translate to behaviors and actions that we idealize as “morally good”.

I, like generally every human on this planet, am mystified by our very existence as a species. We are intricately unique and complex. All of us together, the life forms living and reproducing on this planet. As humans, we have a special ability to be self-aware of our individual animal reality upon this planet. An awareness of this reality that has stirred creative abilities within us, such as abstract thinking, language, music, art, and so forth. This, plus the discovery that we survive better learning to live together against our natural self-oriented survival of the fittest tendency, has led to our cultures, civil ethics, and religious mores and beliefs. We are amazing, even at our cellular level! As we discover ourselves more and more, it is no wonder how we can come to the imagined conclusion that some god or goddess exists that created this world and us. For, we know as the creation, or more accurately the evolution, that we ourselves could not ever create on such an intricate level as this, and probably never will be able to. We can learn to limited-ly control and manipulate, within the limits imposed by this reality itself, but this is about it.

So, we are left mystified, and left to our imaginations to fill in what we do not know, but ponder on. If it is thought of in any of our languages, it is of human origins. Once we’ve accepted this, it is easier to embrace the reality we experience – whether we find it fair or unfair – and accept the natural order of things and our place in it. Where we are working from a reality based awareness of the world, and doing good in this world simply because the opportunity is there before us to do this. We don’t need a reason or justification more. As to the propensity towards believing in and worshiping gods, the gods we create, I respect the need but encourage the avoidance of the archaic religious trappings that are so stubbornly connected to this. I don’t believe anymore in a human made god, but do recognize the miraculous-ness of our intricate existence. I acknowledge that this is beyond my limited conceptual understanding, so I can only be in awe of it, for while I have breath and mind in which to do this. I don’t believe anything more needs to be added to this awe of ever growing awareness, and seek to better myself for while I am alive as a result of this. But, if I were to believe in and worship a human imagined god of some sort, I would have to say from looking at reality that this god presence is feminine somehow in its nature.

How do I come to this conclusion, you might be asking? It’s pretty obvious, really. Men do not create life. Rather, we contribute to and participate in life. We are in our nature pre-destined towards service to life and death. Even our religions so often reflect this, even though man is put on top and in charge and woman relegated as a lessor. But, the reality, though, is pretty clear and obvious! It is women that receive into themselves and, then, birth from this more new life. There are only a few species exceptions to this obvious reality about life, but for most, including the human species, this is the obvious reality. I’m saying that, if I were to believe in a god, I wouldn’t think this god is a woman. Rather, I would think that god, if a supreme creator of all life exists, is a feminine presence. A life-giver, which we perceive by what we are most familiar with – a woman. A male lives and, even, exists for a woman’s creative life-giving need and benefit. This is the inherent nature of our human animal species.

If we look at the universe, we can see that it was birthed from a great cosmic womb. In time the universe will grow old and perish, but just not as quickly as we species who are not so fortunate to share in the magnanimous lifespan of the universe. The fundamental purpose for our being birthed into this universe is to continue this expression of life re-birthed. How we express our existence, as living beings, is simply how we choose to express it. This expression is unique to the evolutionary development of each species that thrives and survives for a time upon this planet, and within this universe. If I were to ascribe a god to this marvel of intricate life incarnate, I would have to say this god is a she and call her “Goddess”. It only makes sense, by my observation of this world. But, like with all human conceptualized and imagined gods, I would have to worship her knowing that in me is the source of her creation. And we don’t need a religion for this.