For Family – My Ethical Will

I. A.M. courtesy of Daniell Keopke’s Internal Acceptance Movement, “You exist, and therefore you matter!” Awesome! We all need to be reminded of this, daily.

The writings in this web node that you are about to enter are the core thoughts and wishes I want to share with family, well before (life-willing!) my eventual passing back into the “no-thing-ness” from which we all are born from. It is a collection of letters, last thoughts so to speak, on how I view this world of physical existence, and the wishes I have for those I love who continue on in living it. These are my private writings to family, to bestow upon my children, my wife, and my friends as reminding thoughts to look upon long after my eventual passing. Letters in which to remember me by, in other words. In Jewish tradition, such writings as this is called an Ethical Will and in the academic world it’s called a Last Lecture. Though I like the purpose and ideal of both, I find the titles to not be quite the right title for my purpose here. For, as I’ve been reminded time and time again by loved ones, few people are open to the idea of having someone else’s will for them placed upon them and even fewer like to be lectured to, regardless how good or inspiring the lecture is for them. So, I choose to call my letters here a last Love Letter and more specifically a Living Last Letter – hence the title of this package, My Living Thoughts. For these words, these thoughts, and the memories that others have of me will out last me and, ultimately, is all that I truly have to share in an enduring way. So, let’s get with it.

My Living Thoughts (for Family only)

My Living Thoughts (for Public view)

I so very much would like to make these letters public, and maybe someday I’ll create a special page that will make this possible. For I do believe that these words I have shared to family members would also be of great benefit to others who would like to read them. But, the names of family members are present, so it is prudent of me to limit access to those who know the page password. Just the way it is, and the nature of my web site. Now, my family is more than welcome to share the password with any trusted others they would like to also have access to and read these pages.