Who I Am. … And, What Am I?

We all have an identity based on socially recognized labels. Since you’re visiting, I am assuming you would like to know mine. So, here they are, my socially recognized labels:

I am a human male who is named Joseph (pronounced Yo-sef).

I am a friend and husband to my wife, and a daddy to my children.

(Now, done with the identifiers, to the big three: )

I am a non-religious Jew, of the secularist humanist variety. Meaning, I am non-theistic in my civil and ritual expressions of Jewishness and Jewish history, culture, and literature.

I am a democratic capitalistic Socialist, who believes that social resources should be fully dedicated to the basic subsistence welfare of all humans and to the protection of our planet’s future livelihood. I truly believe (and envision!) that every human is inherently entitled to free housing, food, education, medical services, and recreation.

I am a Humanist, an ethics-based, social progressive who believes that humans should work for a living (aka, jobs) that serve to ensure the democratic socialist purpose. Choosing work to contribute to the socially shared resources, rather than needing a job just to be able to survive in basic subsistence ways within society (our present lopsided capitalistic system, that too easily favors the wealthy at the expense of the poor).

(Well, now that we’ve got the big ethnic/cultural, political, and religious three out of the way, let’s continue on: )

I am a polyamorous oriented individual, a natural bisexual who is evenly attracted to both genders. I have always seen the value in a marriage between many (a close several). I have always supported the civil institution of marriage, and the success of marriage relationships – regardless the genders or orientations or the number of those involved in these marriages.

I am by inherent inclination a social nudist, whether I am able to live socially naked or not. Unfortunately, it is most often not. But, like everyone else, I am always nakedly and fully present in (and out) of my clothes, and I promote body acceptance and self-esteem. My nudism is ritually and spiritually grounded, rooted deep in ancient traditional Jewish thought and teaching.

(Good! The two socially scary ones are addressed*, now to continue: )

I am a socially outspoken reason-based thinker, who thinks progressively about the future of our humanity.

I have an interest in activist based work that furthers the advancement of egalitarian and reason based humanistic ethics and lifestyles within all societies.

Click on photo only if you’re not body shy and appreciate being human. clothed pic

I promote living life authentically and without shame. A life based in empathy and sharing/caring. A life based in mutually shared responsible and community based living.

I have a “thang” for all things Linux. So, if we share common ground here, too, then we’ll have one more thing to talk about.

I have always had a deep interest in multi-lingualism, and truly do admire those who have mastered three, five, eight, or more languages fluently.

This reveals who I am, but you’ll still need to learn, now, what I am. This latter requires connection and friendship on a much deeper interpersonal level, over a sufficient period of time.

Now, my question for you is: What are your socially recognized labels? In other words, who are you? Why have you chosen to visit my online pages? Do you intend to be an actively involved friend? And, once we’ve defined all this, what are you? This is the most important question one can answer in his/her life.

Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi