Why Donald Trump And His Administration Deserves No Support Throughout 2017-2020

“Trump clearly resents the dissemination of info that could be viewed as delegitimizing his win in the slightest.” – The Washington Post

Yes, yes. That Trump guy’s Achilles’s heel. It is a patriotic act to “delegitimize” his ill-got position of self-serving power at the expense of the highest office of the land. He lost the General Election of Nov 2016 and clearly so! The “People” of the United States, the decisive majority of its voting citizens, rejected him as President. The only reason he has obtained his position is through a skewed Electoral College vote made on Dec 19th and the intensely partisan-focused Senate confirmation of the results of this skewed Electoral College vote subsequently made in the Senate on Jan 6th. And this up-turned election that stands against the clear voted will of the People of the United States was made fully possible through the galvanizing efforts of the minority white Christian nationalist voters, primarily, and economically hurting voters, secondarily, to the election booths on Nov 8th. By the number of votes, they are the clear minority in America, but they were able to skew the Electoral College results to reflect against “the voted will of the People.” How did they do this? This “illegitimately” gained election win by Donald Trump and his Wall-Street-Evangelical-White-Nationalist administrative partners was achieved very openly and obviously – for those watching the rise of white Christian nationalism in the United States of America – before the very eyes of the inattentive and disbelieving greater U.S. public.

It was achieved through the last eight years of deliberate Republican obstructionism in government (the “shut the Government down” and “do nothing” #GOP in the U.S. Senate and House) and an unrelenting railing of disparaging comments and attitudes towards the first black President of the United States – our 44th President, President Barack Hussein Obama. It was achieved through the constant demonizing of the Obama Administration, the President himself, and his family over the last eight years by Republicans and “Conservative” media, and their constant whining railing against the Liberal-slash-Democratic “godless, atheistic progressive agenda” of the Democratic “Left,” that would dare to stand for civil rights, economic justice, and real populism in the United States (which they call “communism,” but are actually talking about “democratic socialism”). It was achieved through the propaganda rhetoric spewing from religious pulpits across this nation, especially the televangelist ones, and “conservative” media outlets that have been disseminating expressions of fear, bigotry, hate, and false and out-right “fake news” to the masses for decades, to bring easily push-able angst and disillusionment into the public mind about the state of our democracy. More specifically to the time frame of this election, it was achieved through the deliberate and highly intricate “influence campaign” conducted by the Russian Kremlin during this election process to intensify this social media influenced disillusionment occurring in the U.S. populace, so that the citizens of the United States see Trump’s racist, misogynist, xenophobic rants as symbols of strength and change – not the hate and thin-skinned-ness for which these behaviors actually are. And, (Now, we Independent voters and Populist voters and Atheist voters told you so over a year ago!) it was achieved through the targeted political paybacks made against a highly qualified candidate for the job of President, but a candidate who was carrying with her considerable baggage to be targeted and does not have a charismatic personality like that deceptive and habitually lying con man Trump guy. “Perceived” political scores that needed to be settled by the head of the FBI (James Comey, a Republican who has unsuccessfully investigated the Clintons several times in the past) and the top man of Russia (Vladimir Putin, who himself gained power illegitimately in 2011, and blamed “Hillary” across the seas for all the rioting that occurred in Russia afterwards), thus discrediting the only candidate actually qualified for the job of President that was running in this election.

So, the #Trump guy has obvious and valid good reasons to be concerned about the U.S. public treating his “win” as an ill-gotten and illegitimate achievement, because it is true! He deserves to have the populace – who clearly by majority vote, by “the will of the People,” gave him the decisive and undeniable “No!” rejection vote, #NotMyPresident, in this #election2016 – seek to remind him daily that he does not have the support of the greater majority of United States citizens. Facts are simply facts, no matter how many times and how many ways you try to respin it, Trump, through your own mouth and “tweets” and through the mouths and tweets of the many puppets you’ve assigned to speak for you – to “explain” you to the general public. There is no reason for the citizens of the United States to ever unite behind Donald Trump and his proposed Wall-Street-Evangelical-Alt-Right administration. The clear majority of U.S. citizens, 73.6 million of us, said #NotOurPresident to the Trump guy choice, and we all meant this when we casted our votes. We must keep in mind (by continuously publicly voicing it) that 10.67 million more Americans voted against the Trump guy, than the total amount that voted for him. And we must keep in mind that 2.86 million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton as President, than all the votes made for that Trump guy. We must also keep in mind that the election was decided in just a few states, by electoral college numbers, *at the disenfranchisement* of most of the voters across the United States. And, we must definitely keep in mind and keep our focus on what the majority of U.S. citizens want for this country: a livable way of life that is based in a “level playing field” of justice, fairness, and opportunity for all our citizens.

These are just the facts of the 2016 Presidential Election. That Trump guy deserves no reprieve from this any day during the next four years, deserves to be reminded of it daily (regardless of his thin-skinned nature), and deserves no support from the People of the United States for his Wall-Street-Evangelical-Alt-Right #TrumpAdministration – the United States citizens deserve better than this! Continue to #Resist with the facts and with attentive populist-mindedness. It’s the patriotic thing to do! It’s time for the #NationalPopularVote movement in the United States of America, so the voice of the People is actually heard and listened too by our legislative and political bodies during our democratic processes!

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While Trump’s pride might have been wounded by the thought that journalists received information before he did, the incoming president probably will have a hard time getting members of Congress too worked up about these leaks. Trump clearly resents the dissemination of info that could be viewed as delegitimizing his win in the slightest, but even Republicans appear uncomfortable with his effort to undermine intelligence agencies’ conclusions about Russian interference.