The Judeo-Christian Fiction Born From Anti-Semiticism

Here is the reason religious and secular Jews do not accept the anti-Jewish bias of Christians and Muslims in the world, and why we react so strongly in opposition to outside of the tribe criticisms made about our people.

“The rift between Jews and Muslim Arabs did not begin in 1948, or following mass migrations of Jews from pogrom-ridden Eastern Europe to then Palestine in the early twentieth-century. It began well over 1,300 years ago, a byproduct of Christian anti-Semitism that had by then been dispensed far and wide by the spread of the “Good News.”…

In the final analysis, the term “Judeo-Christian” is nothing less than a blatant coup d’état, a forced misappropriation onto the face of a new religion of what rightfully belongs to a much older one. The term “Judeo-Christian” is therefore not only an oxymoron, it is outright sacrilegious, a dishonor to the millions of Jews who were tortured or killed for their refusal to convert to Christianity, and, by association, wrongfully links the Jewish people and its ancient scriptures as accomplices to centuries of Christian slaughter and oppression of other indigenous peoples as well via Christianity’s sorely misguided and misapplied interpretation of the “Old Testament.”…

The crime of the Jews against the world remained on record: refusal to submit to the religious and cultural mindsets of colonizing powers. To this generic charge of antiquity was later added the charge of murdering the Christian god incarnate (of murdering a god-in-flesh), even persecuting the followers of the crucified Christian deity. Yet, it remains a puzzling question for those familiar with Jewish history and theology as to exactly why the Jews would have wanted Jesus dead, let alone arrested, and exactly where Paul got this wild notion of having had a job persecuting Christians? And employed to do so by the Pharisees, yet! — a sect of Jews whose beliefs and practices paralleled those of Jesus to the letter!”

The reason for Jewish Zionism has always been to protect our people from exactly this anti-Semitic bias and hatred of Jewish people throughout this world. Whether it be the originating socialist Jewish Zionism that gave rebirth to Israel in 1948 as a nation-State or whether it be the present religious Jewish Zionism of the ultra-right that has taken power over Israel in government and is intent on a one-state solution, the heart of what drives Zionism in Jewish people is the need and desire to escape further persecution by Christians and Muslims within this world.

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The Judeo-Christian Fiction
Sparing no one in their diatribes against the Jews, the Gospel writers lumped all of the Jews of Judea into a single cauldron of evil-doers obsessed with bringing down Jesus and his following. As a result, the entire Jewish people were portrayed as a morally sick nation onto whom the persecution, torture, and death of Jesus could then easily be attributed. What is curious about all this, is: if the Jews were so hell-bent on destroying Jesus because of his teachings, what stopped them from going after his followers? How is it that after the crucifixion Jesus’ followers continued to thrive in Judea side-by-side with the rest of the Jewish population? From the year 30 C.E. to 70 C.E., the followers of Jesus in Judea—known then not as “Christians” but as “Followers of the Way”— worshiped and otherwise interacted with their traditional Jewish brothers and sisters without incident and absent any conflict whatsoever.

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