This Is Actually How I Sexually Feel

The only kind of sex I’ve ever wanted is sex where others are in complete control. It’s the only kind of sex that has ever aroused me. It’s the thoughts of this kind of sex that is arousing my penis hard now.

I long to be told by a woman or by women that from this day forward I am no longer allowed to touch my penis in a sexual way. That I can hold it to pee, that I can wash it, but never am I allowed to touch it when my penis is having an election. I long to be told that only the women and men that want me sexually can touch my penis to make me have an erection, and that there are women and men who want me to sexually submit fully to them in complete obedience to their desires.

And one of her desires is that I submit fully to wearing a steelwerks chastity cage supreme* upon my penis and scrotum, so that they are assured that there is no way that I can touch my penis sexually ever. That I can’t even have an erection, no matter how horny I feel inside at any given moment, until one of them releases my penis from his chastity cage so that I may serve and pleasure them with my erection, in every way desired of me and my penis/scrotum. That only they have the right to touch my penis in these moments, and any other part of my body as they so desire.

I long sexually to be genitally owned and genitally-behaviorally controlled. To know that, when I’m allowed to have this penis chastity cage off me, any semen created in me belongs at any and all times fully to whoever claims it and gets me to orgasm this semen out of me. That I have absolutely no say in it’s use and what happens from this.

To know that, if I am to be granted sexual freedom to become aroused and/or ejaculate and if I am to avoid having my forearms literally bound together – for real – behind the small of my back, placed naked over a lap, and bare-handed spanked to crying submission, I must do without hesitation and to my fully best whatever sexual acts you women and men desire of me, wherever and whenever, fully acknowledging to you that my body belongs to you and my desire is to satisfy you sexually with my submitted body and behaviors.

I long to know the smells and tastes of your bodies upon my lips and tongue and in my mouth, and I long to feel you possess my body, my penis and scrotum, and my ass and anus! And to know that I have absolutely no say in this and no control over what is to happen or is about to happen between us – sexually and in your erotic activities involving me. I want to be completely naked before you, even when you’re clothed before me, and complete vulnerable to all your interests in me!

This is what sexually arouses me, every time I have sexual feeling stirring in me. These sexual thoughts are always what’s in my mind when I become aroused and then erected, and when I am feeling the urge to fantasize. I long for this to happen to me sexually, for this to be my any period of any day real life sexual reality! And there be nothing I can say or do about this, no way I can say no to this, except to fully give myself to this kind of sexual play, interaction, and outright sexual use by all of you who choose to use me in these ways.

I swear to you that inside me I fully feel this is my masculine physical sexual destiny upon this planet, and that I must submit to it to be whole and fulfilled. I place my complete trust and well-being in you, your wisdom, your interests, and your desires for how you want to make use of me! And only you can free me from fulfilling this sworn promise, I myself absolutely cannot!

Here in my aroused state and unwillingness to touch myself, I so wish to have others that I must share this with, and be committed to it, and so pray for this to actually happen to me someday. I pray for women and men in my life who want this of me and will truly fully take advantage of me in these sexual ways!

* – links to the male adornment I feel such aroused attraction towards, and her(s) having the keys after putting it on me! – ;

This actually is how I sexually think and feel – it’s been this way all my entire life since sexual puberty. I’ve had to come to accept that I am sexually hardwired this way in the brain – a submitted male sexual slave in nature, who sees and desires sex with others in this way! It can be quite the advantage to have a man ready and willing to worship the human goddesses and gods in his life, and who must do so in her/his/their presence. Make me show my submission and worship you and your body(s) sexually with my willingness and my body!

Although I know it means no day-time erections for me, and no night-time erections, as well, the thought of her having physical possession of my penis and scrotum at all times with this inescapable smooth steel chastity device makes it arousing and desirable and worth the commitment to it. I have always been proud of my six inches of one and a half inch diameter throbbing thickness, and have always enjoyed the compliments on how I can use it to find that elusive inner spot. And, yet, I am aware too of my fear that, if she’s not feeling in the mood to have me erect before her/him/them or just feeling the desire to keep me disciplined, that being constantly flaccid twenty-four/seven for weeks or possibly even months on end may be my living reality, at times. Even with this fear I am still feeling the motivation for this device of chastity control upon me. I should never ever have possession of the key, and never let me know where you’re hiding it! Like the inescapable binds of rope or belt upon my forearms tied together behind my lower back, I deserve no control ever on when and for how long her chastity cage is to be upon my penis and scrotum!

To be so inescapably submitted and at her feelings of generosity/desire or mercy, having to be sexual with my mouth and body only – without the use of my dick, and praying to her with my willing behaviors that she does decide to bless me someday soon again with genital freedom to grow for the servitude I am showing, only to find out that when she does finally take it off and touch me, her stroking reveals a hardness that is now only two inches long. And, if lucky, maybe close to an inch thick. A knobby erection, that must once again, all over again, learn how to stretch itself out! I remind myself that if this fear should prove to become reality – well, it’s not the size that really matters in the first place, only what spurts out and how much spurts out from inside me. Yes? For the reality of her sexual ownership of me, it’s a risk and a compromise I’ve already inwardly decided I am ready to make for her! But, maybe I’ll get lucky and, though keeping me flaccid and chastitized day and night for unpredictable periods of time, maybe she’ll release my penis and use it often enough to where this fearful guess never finds evidence to support it.

Either way, I know how to use my finger on that elusive inner spot as well as my dick, and wish for the training that my tongue must endure, so I deserve the consequences of this male chastity cage commitment. It’s only me that suffers or doesn’t, she/he/they gets the fun of receiving pleasure and the pleasurable sexual control of me, regardless. My entire body is a sex organ for her/their pleasure, use, and amusement! It’s deserving that I must do as she/he/they say. I guess I’m now showing here just how long I’ve been playing with the fantasy scenarios of this in my head, aren’t I? Will it always be a fantasy? Or am I baiting fate by sharing this in writing? With a tense abdomen and a tingling directly below, I long in erotic tension to find out!


Update: Damn, just visited the Steelwerks Extreme’s ‘Quote’ page. Yikes. If anyone were to buy this Classic Supreme Chastity Cage for me wear on my penis, I’d be sworn to wearing it for her the moment she presents to me! It costs a significant penny, which means she’s serious about my wearing it as she retains possession of the keys and decides the activities of my dick. On her gifting alone, I am simply committed to this sexual way of life before her and all who she chooses to share this experience with – no choice, commitment is made!

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  1. I don’t know why, but I want that SteelWerks Classic Supreme chastity cage on me and to be sexually controlled by another(s). Just like I sexually hunger in arousal for the feel of ropes binding my forearms together behind the small of my back, for real and inescapably, during sexual play and intimacy with others, I want to get to know intimately the feeling of this specific inescapable steel chastity cage embracing my penis and scrotum twenty-four/seven, minus the sexual periods when she/he/they bring out the key and release my penis for sexual play and use! I am sexually aroused and drawn to wanting to truly lose and have no control – for real – over the sexual situations unfolding that involve me and my body, to have to submit fully and obey with enthusiasm, all for her/his/their pleasure and excitement! This has been my repititious sexual fantasy, in so many numerous forms, all my life – for every year since reaching sexual awareness!!!! Hence, why I’ve fallen into sexual longing for this classic supreme chastity cage the moment I saw it online, and have never felt less about it! – Enough to publicly sign this statement of desire with my initials, for those who know me to consider surprising me with lifelong fun and entertaining (for you) subjugation of me. I deserve this and may even need this, if my libido’s attraction to this is to be believed! I cannot say “no” to the wearing of it, any more than I can say “no” to the ropes or to any other submitted sexual activity you have planned for me for your amusement, pleasure, erotic satisfaction, and use of me. – JTF

    It has been a very very very long time since I’ve had to drizzle honey all over a pussy and her pubic hair or all over a dick and his balls and had to lick it all off, then suck thoroughly how ever long it takes for all the honey and orgasmic cum I can swallow! And, to have to do this with witnesses present, even, to watch and be entertained by my submitted hungry sexual behavior. And I still have my dick erecting fantasy of being kidnapped for several long hours, bound for real and unable to escape, and sexually taken thoroughly – my ass, mouth, and penis vulnerable to her/him/them, with no way or right to say “no” to whatever they have in mind! And, in fantasies of the kind of sexual play I need with others, for the enjoyment and my fullest physical expense, with it being made by her/him/them ever so verbally clear to me that there is no release from this bondage/sexual servitude, until I fully give myself sexually and freely to them to their fullest satisfaction during our sexual encounter(s).

    It is that need to have another put this sexual device on me and take away the key and hide it from me (leaving me not knowing if and when I’ll see this key again, and having to live with the nervous inner fear of whether she’ll throw it away – because she is now fully in control of my genitalia and gives me no information on the key’s whereabouts – which, I have to honestly admit is erotically arousing to me!), it is this that is the probable reason why I keep taking that cock ring, the genital wedding band, back off for long months at a time, again and again, despite my sworn promise to her to wear it for a lifetime. Wearing that genital band is within my control to decide upon, whether to wear it or take it off and not wear it. Not to mention that she, my wife, had me put it on my sex because I wanted to wear it for her, not because she came up with the desire to have me wear it for her. This makes all the difference, and I’d rather be wearing this chastity cage instead because she’s decided this fate for me, simply because I will be literally unable to remove it myself without that key she has, ever, when it is locking my genitals into it’s submitting sculpting embrace. This sexual need to be a controlled bottom is not about my ability to decide and determine my sexual fate and state of sexual activity, but about what she’s feeling at this time for me and what she is desiring for me! It’s always been this way for me, this sexual desire that fuels my erotic uniqueness and interests!!! I am what I am, I admit it and accept it, and I deserve the consequence that I must live and experience because of this. – Again, I sign my initials to these truths, and accept my fate. – JTF

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