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Going through another revamp of this personal web. Am making it much more web friendly, mobile friendly, and enjoyable to explore. Check out the difference between the two sites. The new site is in web nodes on my server. The Index page leads directly to the Index node, the parent node, and from here you have all the rest. Let me know what you think of the new site!

New Web Site – the web site Index page, different from the Introduction index – the Introduction node, parent node, the “Who am I?” – the Collection of My Thought Provoking Notes blog node – the Random Blog of My Thoughts blog node – the Secular Humanistic Chavurah home page node, a community I’ve been working on – the Online version of my book “What Does It Mean To Be A Traditional Jew?” node, on Amazon, too – the On What Being Jewish Means to Me node, a mixture of pages and blogs, pages not found on my parent node above – and, lastly, the very nude Private node, sharing my thoughts, photos, and more on the more Intimate Side of Me – the web site ToC page, with remaining loose original web site pages, now in web device friendlier format (my personal Biography page) – the web site ToC page, with remaining loose original web site pages, now in web device friendlier format (my Original nudist blog)


My web site introduction video – Yes, fully dressed here!
Just for your info: This personal website is undergoing a complete transition, for the old site had been up long enough and a lot has personally evolved with me. So, not all links will be readily working yet, until I make the time to complete intended pages – pages that did not previously exist in their present form prior to this transition. I apologize for any not yet linked entries you see and will, as time permits, add more pages. At this time, my index page above is the most important page and expression I wish to share online with the world, and everything else is commentary and secondary to this. Hence, I devote only the free time in which I have an inspiration towards writing another page towards the completion of this site. It will be a long journey for those who seek to stick around and see this personal web site’s development. Enjoy, either way!

(A Welcome Video to amuse yourself with!)

!The Newest Cool Thing For My Personal Web Site! – my Web Author Profile Index page – my Web Author Profile Jewish page – my Web Author Profile Social Nudity page


Old Web Site

Website Index/Home Page (short historical introduction/biography on “who I am” and personal views “on life”)

Biographical Legacy Information (my personal historical facts and self-identity views)

My Random Blog of Thoughts (a rich variety of thoughts on near any social subject upon this earth)

My Collection of Thought-Provoking Notes (a selection of public writings I’ve published on Facebook and Google+)

From OTD to SHJ Page (how I went from being “off the derek” to on the cultural ethnic “secular humanistic” Jewish path)

Mindful Awareness Research (and Renewal Resource Activities)

Are We The Only Jews In Keene-Cleburne, Texas? (where are the Jews in Keene, Cleburne, and Fort Worth, Texas?)

Theistic Judaism vs Non-Theistic Judaism (both are authentic Jewish expressions. So, what is the difference?)

Experiencing our Secular Humanistic Judaism (and Jewish Family lifestyle and rituals)

The Thoughts Going Around In My Head (That I am not even aware of, undermining my efforts to change!)

Adventures in Linux (my experiences with computer programming and device manipulation and development)

The Way I Wish To Be Remembered, Too! (For my writings and my body, as a whole and complete human primate!)
(yes, mind and body fully revealed here. if this is just fine with you, then enter page.)

Our Family Adventure in Organic Gardening (home gardening is more important than we realize, especially for children!)

Building Self-Esteem With Public Community Social Nudism (always in support for publicly encouraged and endorsed social nudist parks and beaches)




Kahal Chokhmah vDa’at – Congregation of Wisdom and Knowledge (an enlightening chavurah I’m developing)

Being Traditionally Jewish According to Torah’s Definition (back online by popular demand, this essay, in its original online version – for those who need to explore this)




My Original Nudist Blog Page (the original page started way way way back in the day, then discontinued sometime around 2011 – but, because of its popularity over the years and the many requests for me to revive it, here it is in a more device friendlier format, enjoy!)

Torah’s Guidance on BDSM Relationships (another page from the past that was frequently viewed)