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This is a page that I wrote and posted online for everyone to see many years ago. It is a page that reveals me intimately and deeply. It reveals my mind as much as it reveals my body. It is the page I wrote in reaction from having lived the military experienced (a closeted experience for me) and awoken to certain obvious fundamental truths about this life through those experiences. I hope re-sharing it here blesses you and further continues to release the I-ism mind within me from its struggled challenge with reality as it is.

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This is who I am. This is how I wish to be. At all times, in all places. In private, in public. Before the mirror, and before you.

Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi stretching and practicing futbol in the backyard - naked of course - soccer -

My Daily Prayer – I was born to be naked. All the time and in any place naturally dressed like this. Everyone should experience me this way. It feels so right and so good, naturally socially naked. This is our wholesome healthy birthright!

If you don’t know this experiencing, you’re missing out on a sacred experiencing. At the very least, encourage me to be naked in your clothed presence, let me be the example, and experience through me the wholesomeness I experience being this way.

G!Ddess, bless this nudist way and grant me opportunities to be this way before others! Social opportunities, work opportunities, with my friends and new friends to be!

Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi stretching and practicing futbol in the backyard - naked of course - soccer -

My name is Joseph. This is my real name, not my username.

I know it may be a bit forward to ask this … But, as a woman, would you give 10 minutes of your time to watch me bathe? Even though I am a total stranger but, to your pleasure, a good looking man? I promise you a very sensual, exciting, and naughty bath.

An expression like this and much more can be seen here, if you are open-minded enough to add me as a friend. If you’d like to know what I look like first, watch the slideshow to the left to see actual photos of me (clothed unfortunately, till you get to the next page!), then become a friend and a fan.

You might be asking about now, … Who am I?

I am a simple man, living in a traditional “middle-class” societal neighborhood, living a typical socially correct private and conforming married with children monogamous oriented appearing lifestyle.

As such, this means I am in need of a place, such as an online social network like this, to express what is truly on my mind and at the core of my nature and being.

I am an atypical man, living in a socially restrictive world. So, this profile is my expressionistic outlet.

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Or, you could peruse some very fine writings below. It’s your choice, always, at my giving obedient expense!

My Most Influential Honest Self-Evident Writings!

What I Socially Support The Self Evident Reality That I Experience
Thesis On Evolution Of Human Personality One Relationship Truth That I Know Now
Other Posted Thoughts A Prayer For The Dominance Of
The Weaker Force
Each Of Us Is As Unique As A Snowflake An Honest Acceptance Of Life And Death
The Human Footprint Is Eye-Opening To Look At Undressing the Religious Nudist
Jews and Alternative Lifestyles Religious Essay Sefer Digambara Pulkhanim ha’Yehudi
About Joseph Fav Self-Portraits – Pers Favs

“Even if it makes other people uncomfortable, I will love who I am!”
So long as I have breath, I will! As I naturally am, openly and comfortably!

What I Socially Support

As a man with a bit of education and a bit of experience in living life consciously, I support the following for the sake of all who live on this planet:

Movements for change on the part of people towards a community based economy – where people are working together to restore their communities, starting community credit unions that exist to encourage self-sufficiency and sustainability of all who live within the communities.

A return to a People’s democracy – where political parties and politicians are replaced with the voice of the People as a whole in all matters internationally and locally, where the People’s voice is actually heard and counted by the leaders elected to act upon, where corporations and lobbyists are forbidden from funding elected leaders, and it is criminal to bribe them towards actions against the People.

Marriages that work, deeply communicative, and foster a loving supportive family oriented lifestyle – regardless whether they are monogamous, opposite sex, same sex, polygamous, polyandrous, or for those who accept the fluid nature of human intimacy, polyamorous in legal structure.

I am a land lover and, thus, environmentalist – encouraging that we return to the principals of Permaculture and community/home -based organic gardening, encouraging that all People of this society by locally and buy from the small businesses that are the economic foundation of each community, encouraging that all home building and business practices be conducted with the utmost consideration of the long-term environmental impacts that our activities of humans will have upon the land and life upon it.

I am for grassroots organizing that seeks support, people and financially, directly from the communities, from the People of the land, to increase the power base of action and suggestion by the People, so that we take back our livelihoods and futures, pro-actively together!

This is what I support. This is who I am … and, that of being a bit of a naked exhibitionist in socially approvable places both physical and online, such as here in this profile. I have a highly sexual nature hidden inside me, that is devoutly not-monogamous in inherent biological nature, and I love to get free from and out of my clothes every chance I get!

This profile is my adult oriented expression, meant to give outlet and balance to this basic human nature and need. I have a socially appropriate profile, as well.

So, now that you’ve learned a bit about me, and I am hoping you will entertain all of who I am. If so, please add me as a friend and watch me undress for you, take a bath for you, mow the lawn for you, do a variety of naturist and sexual things for you, so on and so forth, in the way I truly wish to be before you.

It’s your pleasure at my loss of clothing expense. But, in return, your momentary pleasure online here is my pleasure in return, having provided it. It’s totally you’re choice. But, I hope you will!

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Want to read more first? Okay, but you’ll have to scroll back up to enter the video gallery page. The following are thoughts I’ve previously expressed online, on facebook, and on Google. Enjoy!

The Self Evident Reality That I Daily Experience

Those who experience me know me as Joseph. If you will, please allow me to share with you what I’m learning about this experiencing we call Life. Question everything, including our own beliefs. Open the mind to what is self-evident. The answers we seek are actually present, but we must be open to experiencing them. Wake up and be blessed!”

I am a student, a researcher, of life! I am bold enough to wrestle every day with living as I share above in this quote. In an effort to understand what it is that I don’t yet understand enough, I have explored both the religions of humankind and the modern science that is revealing the intricate inner natured working of things. I’ve come to the conclusion that on some deep unconscious level we know more than we realize, and that on a conscious level we are only just beginning to really understand.

All religions, regardless their dress and legends and beliefs, have at the core a fundamental awareness that life is greater than us, that we are this greatness of life in both a significant and insignificant way, and that there is more to our life if we would only open up and begin to observe and listen.

This is also what modern science is now revealing to us. Gone are the days of compartmentalized science. The kind of science that stress an apple is different from it’s tree, that a heart is different from a liver. We have entered a new era of scientific understanding. One that demonstrates all is a part of a system, and that every part of a system effects the whole system equally.

This is some of what I’ve been learning from sciences as broad as cellular biology to neuropsychology to quantum physics. Things are much more profound than we have ever realized consciously. As well, what we are realizing has very profound implications. Both individually within us and socially as a species upon this planet.

To understand any part, we must understand both the infused correlating nature of all that makes it possible to be and the most minute aspect of how this in itself happens. Consider now below, what science is revealing to us these days. Be inspired, wrestle with it, and be blessed!

Quantum scientists have mathematically observed that, at it’s most basic formational state, the universe is comprised of continuously processing information. This processing, the sharing of information throughout the system, gives rise to what we perceive as a physical reality around us and within us. At it’s core, it is information with a lot of space around it. In essence, we are a highly complex hologram, that is continuously taking shape based upon the physics of interplay and combining of energetic forces. We know this. We use words such as coherrence and entrainment and particle-molecular development to explain this in a way we can consciously comprehend. We use mathematics to reason out the structure and potential for possibility, then verify through reliable tools. For example, peering into an electron microscope or by observing the wave-particle nature of atoms in the laboratory and discover their inner structures with supercolliders.

Cellular biology scientists have been mastering the art of looking closely at the microscopic world of our cells. With this effort, we discovered that all animate physical matter possesses energy and magnetism. We also discovered that cells have a basic blueprint of genetic information that tells it what to do and how to do it. In some ways, cells do have a predisposition to them, a certain destiny. But, equally as well, this destiny is not written in stone but, rather, is under the influence of a lot of other informational sources. Cells react to the energetic environment around them. Cells also receive information upon their DNA in the form of micro RNAs that actively tell cells what to do and how to do it. Which means, that predisposition is influenced by environment. Just by the very fact of eating, drinking and breathing for that matter, you are absorbing molecules of information. The RNA of what you eat survives digestion and finds it’s way through the bloodstream to the DNA of your cells.

Neurophysiology and neuropsychology scientists have been revealing studies that demonstrate that our mind is in our body, not just in our brain. That, through conscious effort we can control our breathing through meditative practice and affect the coherence of our heart rhythms, so can our heart without syncronized coherence tell our brain what to do. In others words, we are whole systems of being, not a summation of individualized parts! It is proving true with the central nervous system, as well. Just as much as we can consciously relax our breathing and bring our brains into a specific level of brain rhythms, so too can the nervous system of our bodies when not coherent, meaning in snychronization, affect our brain processes. Incoherrence is the source of physical and mental disorders. For example, it takes the coherence of two sets of neuron groups in the brain stem to keep you breathing at night, so that you may have enough oxygen for all the activity that your body is undergoing in it’s momentary paralytic slumber.

These are just three examples I’m sharing at this moment. What it is demonstrating is that – One, information throughout our physical being is always a two way street and at the same time a mirroring reflection between the states of cells, and Two, that at the very fundamental formational level all really IS energy. Being the substance and living result of this universe means that we don’t have full knowledge or control over all that is. But, at the same time, being aware of what we fundamentally are at the most basic level, we do now truly possess the opportunity to guide and to some degree control our information processess. Things like what micro RNA information we allow to bind upon the DNA of our cells. Things like how what we think together as a species affects the very formation of our universe that we exist in.

There are three fundamental laws or guiding principles at work in the universe that I hope through this expression you will take seriously into consideration with every thought and movement you make in Life. The first universal law is that information is never lost. All information survives in some fundamental way within the universe as it is ever continuously reshaping the information that it is. The second universal law is that energy is never lost. Energy is ever changing in nature and shape, which is what gives rise to this perception of matter that we call a physical universe. The third universal law is the law of probability. Meaning that you can drop a pebble into a lake in China, and the stock market could rise or fall in Europe because of this simple exchange of energy information within the universe. In other words, the universe is to a degree highly predictable at the physical level, but what ultimately happens at the manifesting (in)formational level is a matter of endless environmental informational contributions.

So, if you think life is hard or easy to understand, if you think life is hard or easy to live, it’s ultimately a matter of your perception of life and the information that is determining it. Every day I actively seek to question everything, accept only what is proving self-evident, and very actively testing the energy-information input that is around me and within me. I hope and highly encourage that you too do the same all the time with me. We are on a verge of conscious awareness that very well may ultimately lead us into an evolutionary experiencing. Get involved with me!

“Have you ever just stopped as I just did, or at least slowed down, to watch the migration of moths? Hundreds of thousands of them all over the place around you flying off to some directed place. Really reminds you how insignificant each of us is in the big scheme of things. But, so significant to ourselves. Wonder if one of those moths is thinking the same thing I’m thinking in this moment? How is it others are more concerned about speeding to their next place, oblivious to the wonder taking place around them? Little moths, but one of them fluttering in the air or now not fluttering and the universal laws of probability chance of what is and what will be is at play! Every day I ponder on self-evident truths.”

Yours truly, Joseph T Farkasdi
“The Naked Scientist”

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Thesis On Evolution Of Human Personality

Study Subject No. 3 for Thesis on the Evolution of the Human Personality Construct

Human Primate Male playing Futbol naked outdoors

This thesis is on the evolution of the Human personality construct within the naked male Human primate. The case study here is named Joseph Tsefanyahu. He is typical of and properly represents those of male gender within the Human primate species. As of the time of this photograph, he is 45 years of age.

He does not personally understand being identified by a name, but it is how others recognize and see him. He gives and responds to his name solely for this others identified purpose, having no personal self-identified name at any other time.

He understands only this moment, meaning that he appears to be an organism that lives without a normative human

sense of time. To him, this moment, the moment as he is experiencing, is all that’s real. He explains his mode of awareness as being aware that he is alive and all that happens is happening in his head of past, present, and future. For him, it is purely the experiencing he is having in this moment, everyday being this one endless moment and “dressed and called” differently as the scene around him changes within this moment.

As you see from the photos here, every moment this Human primate gets is a chance to remove all clothing within the Human social environment, and he does so without any perceptible appearance of concern, uncomfort, or shame. When asked, he makes matter of factly clear that he prefers to live without them, is “more comfortable” this way, even socially preferring to be experienced as he nakedly is. He calls clothing “costumes of the confused naked ape” and, without making judgement as a researcher one way or the other, he may very well have an insight view of humanity. It’s worth further serious considering.

He does not profess a normative system of beliefs, as is common with most within the human species. His world starts with the daily recognition of his existence as a human organism, gendered to the form of a male, and his recognition of his immediate family around him. From here, he recognizes there is a world of naked human primates dressed in clothing around him. He is often baffled by their behavior, how much time they invest into identifying with their self-images, “constructs of their minds” as he calls it. He professes that he has no normative identifying experiences with religions, philosophies, and association with human cultural groupings in the form of social ethnic tradition and nationality. You get very directly what you get, in all his physical and ever present in this moment mental nakedness before you, is what he consistently shares.

He is very aware of the deeper make-up and complexities of this reality he is present in, a part of, and experiencing. He understands it is the illusion of his physical, mental, sensory input construct. That the perceived illusion of our reality is this way for all creatures within his experiencing. “We believe our illusioned perspective of this that we call reality, and in our own minds make it real and emotionally affecting.” He believes we will believe and do anything as individuals and as a species to protect this illusioned construct. But, while admitting everyone, including him, has a futile attempt going at the survival of the self, he steadfastly questions it all, to include his and our actual existence, all the time. He recognizes that humans, that being Human, like any identifiable complex species, is a product of a few trillions cells habitating in a unique symbiosis together and developing singular personality consciousness for survival of the cellular community. He consistently confirms that he “lives” this experiencing he defines as reality, but that he “doesn’t understand it” at all, thus he questions it’s very existence all the time.

Joseph Tsefanyahu, is not the normative male of the Human primate species. As such, he is very well worth further research study. With his unique lack of self-identification and identification socially based upon this self-identification, normative for most Human primates, he provides us an insightful view into the nature of the Human species. It is highly recommended that he be researched and studied further to gain a better understanding in this area.

Questions worth posing might be along the lines of the following: What does it really mean to be Human? Is it possible that we place too much reliance on our perception of things? How can we use a subject of study, as this Human primate is worthy of being, to better understand just how deeply the psychology of self-identified personality affects the individual’s and socially as a group perception of things? It’s rare to come across a blatantly naked control subject, by which to study and by which to compare with the normative modern Human. I would encourage that more subjects be found and further research conducted to be able to eventually define some quantitative analysis, further promoting a better understanding of who and what we are as a Human species.

Angelina Liu Muriuki, future PhD
Student Researcher in Neuroscientific Psychology and Sociology

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One Relationship Truth That I Know Now

If There Is One Relationship Truth That I Know Now, It Is This …

If there is one truth I know, then it is this. Relationships based on idealism that defy our basic natures are inherently doomed to turmoil and struggle. Unnecessary struggle, I might add, as well. For, we cannot escape the influence of our nature.

If we choose an idealized appropriate relationship style, we must be prepared to face great self-sacrifice to maintain it. Unnecessary self-sacrifice, I might add. If this is untenable to consider, one might want to consider approaching life in the manner that’s right for him or her, and ignore societal idealism all together.

Find yourself like-minded others to form the relationship or relationships that are by natural tendency right for all of you. Then, strive to elevate this with self disciplined modesty.

Thoughts on my mind from a discussion today with my wife over the relationship drama of the neighbor. Yet another failed relationship, because it’s so hard to be truthful with your significant other in a society that does not accept thought outside of the ideal right and proper way.

It’s funny actually, for being someone who understands this so well, all I know are the choices I’ve made to conform to society’s expected lifestyle choices – monogamous marriage, which means experience elsewhere is cheating; choosing and working a job for the pay and benefits, which means not committing truly to the dream in you; etc.

There are only two things I have gotten right in life, and that is choosing to love my wife and choosing to love my children. Every other step has been an act of conformity to the Ideal or a rebellion to it.

If there is one truth I know, then it is this. Relationships built without idealistic absolutes, that are flexible, and willing to change shapes to meet the inherent and discovered needs of those involved are fated only to blossom and prosper.

Wish I was not the only one directly around me that understands this. It is not train a lad in the way he should go, and he’ll never depart from it. It is correctly understood and translated by liking a child to a bow, as it was meant to be understood.

Make the child aspire to holiness in all that he naturally is by training a lad according to his natural bend, and he’ll never depart from it” (Proverbs). Meaning, guide him into discovering the sacredness in his natural inclinations and aspiring to it, is what this sacred writ is teaching us. This applies to every human child, regardless our present physical age.

We are all children under the sun. I only wish at times that us adult children were still as beautifully naive as I see in my children. But, then who would guide us and elevate us from our immodestly self-centered ways? Especially once sexual puberty and mental idealism sets in?

The most likely and blessed relationship, sexually or marriage wise, is the one where all partners recognize that we are unique and strives to meet and edify each others uniqueness in the ways that will achieve this. Each others uniquenesses, not our own.

But, this takes real openness and commitment to each other. As humans, I can only hope that one day we might be able to achieve this. Then, there would be no broken hearts and fears or worry of cheating. We do it wrong (unnaturally), and we suffer great for it. Out of all the creatures of this planet, only humans suffer so!

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Other Posted Thoughts

If life were simple enough to give you what you want, then … I want to be a proud but modest daddy, husband, businessman in public. I want to be a group exposed, well toyed with slave in private. This is what I want! A balanced life, with most of my life public, with regular moments of my life private. I want to know it must be this way for my own good. Insisted upon this way by others for their benefit.

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A Prayer For The Dominance Of The Weaker Force!

How did you perceptually interpret the title above? Where did you place the emphasis when reading this title to yourself? I ask this, because how you perceived it, determines whether you are an enlightened Woman or Man, or terribly mis-guided by the mis-perception of the forces of strong and weak that prevail within this society. Read my thoughts below, then come back up here to the title. Has your perception changed? If so or if not, show this to me!

I propose that, as Human Beings, we are not honest with ourselves about our true natures. That we have taken our idealizations of Mind to a height of reverence, that we do not give reverence enough to what makes us Human. We are biological creatures, a species upon this planet, and everything that we glorify and disdain ourselves for, finds it’s most basic start within our need to sexually express. This is real honesty and openness towards our lives to truly recognize this, and experience our lives through this awareness.

By biological design, we are a collective of cells cohabiting together in a mutual need to survive and to reproduce ourselves. We come in two basic forms, male and female, for this very purpose. Along the historical lines of our development as humans, we have developed the capacity of a Mind. The Mind, a cellular based perceptual-thought representation of our cellular Being, created and meant for the successful negotiating of our physical environment and for the perpetual reproduction of ourselves through sexual contact and offspring. Through the course of time, we developed the ability to ignore the reality of our basic biological situation, through the idealization of our imagined Self.

Yet, regardless our deliberate ignorance of our truth as a species, we are fundamental driven and directed by the basic biological reality of what we are. Our cellular gendered sexual oriented basis defines everything about us throughout our life. We create societies and philosophies to disguise our reality and divert our attention from this basic-ness that is us. Such advance-ness allows us the freedom to be exploratively creative with physical life, but equally defines our very existence with every aspect of it’s experiencing equating back down to the basics of what we are.

We are glorious in our creations, of thought and with physical reality, learning to live in a world that is as much a product of Mind as it is a product of physical Animal reality. We are self-consciously embarrassed with how easily we drawn by basic biological needs that, when not addressed in honest awareness of it’s ever present influence in our lives, leads us to the most debased forms of relating to each other, seemingly in contradiction to the primal needs of survival. Seemingly, because reality dictates that all leads to the recreation of our species through the most primal of acts, despite our heady perceptions and motivations about it.

In Humankind experiencing, life is about the balancing of male with female. In this, natural selection within provides a variety of ways for us to experience and express this. Because it is a balancing of forces, we see at the most basic level a natural leaning towards opposite and same, which takes it’s form in a variety of sexual expressions and behaviors. There is dominance over and submission to the sexual will of another, not always heterosexual and nor should this be. Most humans are by nature ‘sexually fluid’, by perceptive choice we limit our behaviors to what’s most attractive at the moment (for many a moment is a lifetime!).

We extend this sexual role play into a greater form around us in the way we interpersonally and culturally relate with each other. Women are most prominently considered to be the submissive of our species, and Men are considered to be the dominant ones. This is defined and justified by both the culturally influenced behavioral patterns ingrained into each sexual half of the species and attributed to the difference in levels between testosterone and estrogen. But, as creatures with Mind, it is more how we view these two forces than how much one represents this and one represents that.

Traditionally, it is believed that estrogen leads to submission and that Women, being predominantly influenced by this anatomically, are predestined or predisposed to be the weaker sex that wants dominance by the stronger Male that is predestined towards such by his testosterone and given to dominating by very nature. But, I propose that this is more cultural dogmatism than it really is a reality in nature itself. It is the aberration of human cultured living that places Humans out of balance with the rest of life around us.

Dominance as a natural power does not equate to testosterone, and nor does Submission as a natural power equate to estrogen. Yes, more testosterone leads to more aggressive behaviors in biological tendency, but this does not make it more powerful than estrogen, regardless how much this hormonal influence leads us to laying back into the joy of passivity. Power in the form of Dominance is more defined and properly balanced when it is kept in balance by the controls of Submission.

This is where societies, Human societies, have lost it’s way, especially in the area of interpersonal relationship between sexual genders and between those of the same gender. To properly understand this, one needs to see how the universe maintains itself from a macro level. Their are two fundamental properties that govern the formation of physical reality, a strong force and a weak force. The strong force is relative to Human dominance. The weak force is relative to Human submission. Between the two, the universe maintains it’s balance.

Now, it is common for Humankind to mis-understand the meaning and implications of strong and weak. Because, there is a lot more weak force maintaining the shape a balance of the universe than what is obviously seen, because our perceptual nature is to be aware of the strong force that is around us. This is basic biological fact. It is really the weak force in life that subdues and regulates the strong force, so that the universe is not thrown out of balance and ripped apart at it’s very atomic seams.

The reality of our existence, each and every one of us, as Human beings, is that we are a balanced formation of this strong and weak set of forces at play. We are physically biologically influenced constantly by this interplay of forces. Within us, the weak force is actually the stronger and the strong force is actually the weaker. It is only through the mis-perception of our Mind, created by our physical cellular biologics, that we throw ourselves as individuals and as a society out of balance. We fail to see that the weaker force that governs nature is actually the defining stronger force that keeps all in balance.

Through culturalization, because of perceptual attention to aggressive quality, we have assigned the Male with his over abundance of testosterone as being the stronger force in the nature of Human relations. But, the opposite is what’s actually true. The aggressive quality is actually the weaker and, left unbalanced by lack of submission to the weaker force, leads to the violent disorder of the balance that could be. The submissive quality, mis-attributed to Women and estrogen, is actually the stronger. The roles in modern societies have been in inadvertently switched, and remain this way because of perceptual misunderstanding of the natural order of the universe.

It is the nature of the aggressive force to want to be submitted. By displaying his aggressiveness, he is asking for such to happen for his own sense of balanced placement in the universe of biological experiencing. It is the nature of the feminine force to submit the aggressive male force, using the biological wiles and mental wiles that make her such a formidable presence in the Human world. The weaker force regulates and defines the behavior of the stronger force. This is the nature of the universe! But, as Humans with Mind based upon perception, we make this experiencing painfully off balance and backwards in our relating with one another!

It is the nature of the powerful aggressive MaleI admit as a male I need to submit to the dominant power of women, this need is inherent within my very being and is the source of my sexual and physical and creative strengths! to seek to be subdued and submitted to the weaker force of nature, the Woman, the force that is actually really in control. Because, culturalization has blinded us into not understanding the nature of the universe correctly, we mis-interpret the Woman’s force as meaning that she should lie down and take it from the Man. When, in fact, it is Man who should be lying down and obediently living for will of the Woman. To put it in more clearer blatantly sexual perspective, the all revered penis and scrotum, the Human symbol of dominance and aggression, needs to be bound and submitted to the more powerful force of the vagina presence. The vagina, because of it’s nature to receive, is often mis-perceived as weak and in need of dominant control. But this is what throws Human relations out of balance!

The point I’m making here, is that to bring out the best out of Man, Women need to exercise dominance through their biological nature and submit the natural will of Man to service unto Woman. For a Woman to be at her best, Men need to relinquish control of their aggressive natures to Women in submission. This defines Man’s behavior in all areas of his life towards life-producing activities at the service of Women, and maintains the necessary balance of the Woman’s presence as the stronger in the continuous re-creation of the reality that exists. Another way of saying this that I’m known for, men should be publicly naked at all times and in all places with their inscribed wedding band around their genitals and women should insist upon this!

Putting it real simply here, if Women were to exercise their sexual dominance over Man, requiring him to be sexually submitted as he should be at all times before Woman and her desires, then Human society would not be full of suffering and contention. There would be a foundational basis of balance necessary to maintain a fulfilling and satisfying for all societal lifestyle. I know some would question this when I say it, but Men are meant to be naked in society before the clothed presence of Women, till it is time for the Woman to undress for life’s pleasures. It is because we undress Women, and Women through mis-understanding of their nature allow this, and sexualize their presence  – AND hide the nakedness of man, as if somehow he is too sacred to be seen by Women and other men till the act of sex is upon them – this is the reason Society, Human society, suffers so!

Prove me wrong! See it for yourself! Women reverse your role, reverence yourself and sexualize the Male. Strip him naked before you, make him clearly seen by all within society, and put him rightfully into his sexual place within the universe. … And, see for yourself what this does for the benefit of Human society! As a Male full of testosterone and inner balance towards aggressiveness, as a Male with a penis and a scrotum hidden from public view and thus leans towards unguided directions, I pray for the removal of my garments by Womankind and the placement of the ring of Submission around my genitals, for all to know who it is I work and strive for!

All aspects of Human lifestyle are driven and guided by this fundamental sexual force within us! When in balance, where the weaker force defines the stronger force in every detail, life abounds in prosperous glory. When out of balance, as present societies around the world are, life’s prosperity is degraded by disastrous and emotionally defeating self-destructive natures that tear at the very fabric of Human lifestyle existence. Women, wake up from the illusion you all have bought so deeply in! Cover yourselves, and strip the male to his basic realness before you! Make this a societal mandate for the prosperous development of Humankind into the peaceful life-giving world we supposedly all dream of experiencing.  Balance the forces that naturally exist within all of us!

Men should have to live publicly naked with their inscribed wedding band around their genitals and women should insist upon this!
Men should have to live publicly naked with their inscribed wedding band around their genitals and women should insist upon this!

Be honest, you all know you want to see it this way! To know that the balance of Maleness and Femaleness is preserved and restored within society. It’s about time that we shamelessly revered openly the nakedness of Man by revealing it in balance to it’s place in Human society. It is the Woman that should be revered in sacred covetedness, and the Man that should be sexualized within society. Do this and balance will be restored in society, this I can assure you!

This is why I, as a Male, sexually long every day to be stripped naked by Woman. To have to live naked this way in society at large, at all times. I long for the balance between the forces of nature, between Women and Men. I pray for Womanhood to wake up and assume your power over us Men! I pray for balance and for guidance, which I as a Man need so desperately and always. Use our natures, deliberately and wisely take advantage of us. We will abide by it, in all of our Strong force nature. This is basic Human nature! It is the natural way of the universe!

It is not beyond me to beg for this, for all our Male sake’s, seeing how long I’ve been aware of the social Human imbalance that continues to occur daily. Show me, Women, a society where Human life is in balance in the way Life itself, the universe, demands for! Start showing me today!

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Each Of Us Is As Unique As A Snowflake!

Further thoughts, due to responses I’ve received on this writing: (This is my response to the comment given to me that there really is no difference between Men and Women, because Mind supercedes the primitive modalities of flesh and it’s biological drives, thus making us equal in Mind between the sexual genders. I clearly do not agree with this based on experential evidence, and wrote the following.) To better understand my writing above, perhaps it would help if I clarified further my perspective and awareness of life. First, with a question.

Are others aware that the rise of the concept of mind being separated of brain-body is a rather modern concept of Humankind, a perception born during the rise of philosophy? Religion quickly embraced such compartmentalism when it occurred and modern science took it many steps forward for many long years. But, the traditional roots of antiquity seems to be what has continued through me. I see nothing self-evident in the idea that there is brain-body and then there is Mind, and I have studied for years for such evidence.

What has become clearly evident in all my studies is that there is only energy in various forms. The cellular forms that are you and I generate an energy perception or signature of our individual collective cellular selves, which we identify as Mind. One’s Mind is the expression of brain-body producing various degrees of coherrent energy. We call it formed thought or thought patterns.

When born, such refinement of internal energy is not yet developed. In time, given proper stimulus, Mind develops. When the body dies, all perishes in it’s collective individuality. The energy being released back into the universal source from which it is never separate.

We each are like individual momentary water spouts of the water, and the water itself is always there. This is the mis-perception I talk about in my explorative writings. Mistaking our perception, the generated Mind, as being something in and unto itself.

Everything we experience, everything we do, everything we believe is all formed through the basic-ness of what we are … a living conscious communicating cellular community of human genetic pattern. There is no escaping this reality and the influence this has upon our Mind perception, regardless what we believe to be true.

Your hormones, as with mine, and all the other physical factors define everything that is you, and I. Because, all is at the most finite level energy, does not change this self-evident reality. Through mental disciplines, we learn to re-interpret our perception of what we are, thus influence ourselves and world around us. Our mind is an outpouring of energy, not a separate thing.

There is a wealth of information, from religions of antiquity to modern science, that suggest the mind is an energy projection of collective cellular consciousness. For most humans, this is very unsettling. Because, it means that there is no way to be individually eternal, outside of this momentary organic perceiving. The Human drawback to perceiving that we have a past and a future. Memories and dreams, that are in themselves patterned perspectives of actual experiencing. This shows more clearly why investigative scientific exploration into the effects of declared intent is so important for biological humankind.

Now, in this light of understanding, please continue with this discussion. For the submission of man to the naked obedient of will to Woman is an absolute must, if we really do want to achieve peace upon this Earthly world. As I said above, you can start with me! Your comments bless me, please continue them. Thank you!

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An Honest Acceptance Of Life And Death

JTF tKhasi profile photo Vulcan Joseph Tsefanyahu FarkasdiWe live our lives ignoring that we are lucky to even be alive, a chance at life that so far has gone right. But, it is temporal and short, and could end at any given time. You, me, him, her, them. There are no guarantees, for anyone. The universe by very design does not allow for this. But, it does allow for life, for those who happen to be born to experience it. Regardless how short it is, we must keep this in mind and just be thankful. Regardless what happens, know that life is self-evident and we are not the center of the world. Nor, are those who we love. We must always be ready to let go. Life is an unexpected cherishing while we have it and, when it ends, know that this is alright. It is meant to be. Even the Sun, which has seen all of life that has shown it’s presence on this Earth and even more than this, billions of years in existence, is fated. And, will one day be no more. The conditions are right, right for the evolution, for the creation, of life, and so we make our mark … for a very brief moment in time. Be thankful for life and rejoice in the opportunity to experience. … Of blessed memory, to those who are no more.

And, in this closing thought above, hence why it is that I have stepped away from theology, ideology, philosophy – the three imaginative but ultimately human based fantasy outlooks about life, what I have come to call the theory-ologies. Regardless our beliefs, consciously we actually control little, our outlook is based on social belief construct, and ultimately life (the universe) itself will be as it will be, regardless what we choose to think and believe about it and about ourselves. Over the lifespan of the Universe, we species of this planet Earth are but just a cosmic blip in time – affecting only what is directly within our immediate social realm, assuming that hormones, as usually are, we are able to get past for a moment to create unexpected effect. Just the reality of things as is without delusion, with true acceptance of it. Now, with this said, please be creative and expressive and believe whatever the fuck it is you want to believe! Life is too short not to applaud this and revel in it, while we have the chance!

G!D/G!Ddess bless you! As it is appropriate to say and wish upon others. I hope such utterance affects you inwardly and outwardly positively. — Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi

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The Human Footprint Is Eye-Opening To Look At

There is nothing more important than understanding our individual and collective affect upon the world. Other than to daily ask the questions … ‘What am I, really?’ and just as importantly ‘Who am I, really?’. Not what I “think” I am or “believe” I am, but what is “self-evident” and undeniable with self-honesty. In this National Geographic special linked here, these questions are faced by honestly weighing the impact of our life through our choices and activities as a Human species upon the planet we call Earth.

Question everything, daily! Till there are no more questions, only answers that did not come from a book, from another’s mouth, from one’s own hoped for or fearful thinking of the mind. This 90 minute program is a must watch, by every Human living in this modern influenced world! For your chidren’s children sake, we must watch and question our role in the Human footprint. Our existence as a species and how long the Earth can continue to support our existence depends upon this! Time for self-evident realism, so please watch this National Geographic special with an open mind and consider, Humanitiy. There are very real life affecting consequences at stake!

Our lifelong footprint has a big impact in this world, that is easily and profoundly demonstrated. Awaken your awareness now, and keep it in mind as you go about doing what it is you daily do. Change starts with us, by first doing and then sharing! Putting our ‘deed’ before our ‘creed’. The more of us who are aware, the more who voice their awareness, through behavior as much as by mouth, the sooner those not listening will be influenced unawaringly by the changes in the social way around them. You and your very real footprint makes this big and vital of an impact into the health and sustainability of the very land and ecosystem we live in. You are that important, don’t you ever forget this!
the Human footprint
The average American watches more than 12 years worth of television … but how many cans of beer does a 20-something drink? From birth to eventual passing, just how much of an impact do we make with our consumer related needs in life? This eye-opening program will show you the footprint our life makes!

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 Undressing the Religious Nudist!

I have a need! I cannot describe enough to you the depth of this need. It is a need to share. A need embrace the oneness and reality of who we are. I need to strip myself bare before all and before myself, nakedly vulnerable to the criticisms of others and self-doubts within. I am the religious nudist, who was taught by tradition that understanding comes through doing. And, so I have bared all, privately and publicly, in an effort to understand. Physically as much as mentally before you. In an effort to know why we are so ashamed of ourselves as a human race. What is it about our intelligent awareness that has taken away from us our simple naked joy in just being together? All our traditions can be expressed nakedly, really. Without the need for shrouding aspects of it in secrecy or out of a false sense of modesty. Doing this seeks only to divide ourselves between an ideological construct of sacred and profane, and this in turn separates us from fully experiencing our oneness. Natural then becomes need, and need becomes obsession.

Shame is the precursor to sin. We do this both in and out of our clothes, this heightened focus on extremes, and we suffer together for it. This is what I’ve learned in taking off the clothes. In returning to that natural state of obvious nakedness, both physically and sexually, before all. In this simple act, it becomes so clear. You only have your inner perceptions now to wrestle with. How you perceive yourself is how others appear to be treating you. We are all trapped in this mentality of shame and perceived duality. But, the Oneness that is the source of all of us beckons us towards a returning. To step away from the shame that defines our cultures and our lifestyles. To embrace the sacredness in our nakedness openly, and discover who we really are inside and outside together! My need to strip and bare all is great, because I am still learning what being One is. In oneness there is no shame, but only understanding and compassion. In oneness there is no sacred as opposed to profane, because we have not separated ourselves from observant awareness.

In oneness there is only peace, and the wisdom to appreciate each other as we each are, guiding and mentoring through our own wise and pleasant behavior. And, you will wear tassels on the four corners of your garments to remind you of tradition and living sacredly in life. This positive command applies to when wearing clothing. It is not a command that you must always be in clothes. The need for clothing on our bodies is a manifested symbol of the shame we experience over the duality of our nature. The need to remove our clothing and truly nakedly be together is a manifested symbol of our need to be One and realize the sacred joy in this. So, which do I choose today before you? I choose to strip naked and wrestle honestly with my shame. Braving your disappointment and basking in your attention. I am a reflection of you and you are a reflection of me. Together in this sharing we will discover more about our sacred beauty and Oneness!

Some absolute favorite self-portrait photographs of, yes, your’s truly! 

exercising and performing rituals dphy style       with a natural male erection before my friends because it feels good!

the irish jewish naked wizard   shoveling snow naked in deutschland

enjoying a flash flood while perfoming nude rain dance       why my wife is so happy in bed! - just had to share this moment with my friends

Click to view full size!

“How dare any of us ever shame the Creator by calling our nakedness shameful or inappropriate to be seen!”

most recent nude self portrait frontmost recent nude self portrait back– My two most up-to-date naked self-portraits, see me with a beard! –

“What I do, getting naked like this publicly, is actually a good thing. It is a sacred civil-religious act of kedusha/holiness! For we are truly reminded of who we are, the creature made in G!D’s image, given the breath-of-life to love and serve our Creator by imitating G!D’s ways, at all times and in all places, when in clothes and privately-socially without the human garments. To give honor to our Creator by embracing our animal physicalness, who we nakedly are amongst each other, is embracing our sacredness and acknowledging that G!D made us as G!D meant us to be and declared us “good” just as we are in our physical-mental nakedness. We are meant to relate this way socially with one another, Torah says G!D intended it! Then, we rejected this blessing. Some of us must set the example with sacred social nudity. This is why we give blessing to G!D in our behavior and in our tefila for our social and ritual nudity amongst each other.”
– Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi

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