Some things that appear to be self-evident

If you’re of a reasoning mind, test this for yourself.

On Life Being What It Is.
Life is what it is, we all have an equal chance of experiencing “good” and “bad” at any time, and this is totally a matter of perspective or which side of circumstance we find ourselves on. It has absolutely nothing to do with “righteousness” and “sinfulness,” or “karma” and “past lives,” or “thinking” and meditating on correct worded “intents,” or any other brand of religious idealism. The universe allows for competing “intents,” whether they be between humans or between all species. It will not dsicriminately save or favor one and not save or favor another. It is in our best interest as a species to realize this, see the patterns clearly, and address our social woes in a more rational and constructive way. What favors one, another will find disadvantageously unfair. In the end, all living things ultimately go to the same eventual place, regardless what we believe. What the bleep do we know? We are but a bleep, ever so briefly experiencing, in a cosmic soup of competing bleeps. This is the simple self-evident reality of things, regardless how emotionally and intellectually unsettling the acceptance of this is for us, as humans.

On Our Actual Place In This Universe.
We are not the center of the universe, nor was the universe created for our benefit. We are but one of billions of life forms, both on this planet and elsewhere, all in competition with each other over who will survive and who will not. Just because we have the creative intelligence to fantasize and elevate our status through anthropomorphizing, does not mean that what imagine and heart-felt believe to be the reality is, indeed, the reality. It is simply how we choose to view the reality, as it naturally orderly-in-chaos is. There is an innate intelligence that seems to be at work indiscriminately throughout this universe, but it is “we” creatively intelligent organisms that give life meaning, morality, and purpose. Even more so, we are one of the youngest experiments in evolving life upon this planet, one planet among 100 billion planets within the universe. I wonder what the four-eyed three-legged six-armed creative intelligent non-humanoid lifeform across the galaxy traveling around in rudimentary spaceships thinks about this reality – if it was made exclusive for them and the realization of their views about it?

On Ancient Animism And The Nature Of Consciousness.
On the reality of nefesh – the living breathing creature, a creature with soul (all living breathing creatures are this, says Torah!).
The ancient animism of our ancient ancestors, prior to modern C.E. development of monotheistic religions, had it half right. We have no immaterial separate-from-this-physical-reality soul. Rather, body and mind are intimately intertwined. We are a body-mind, a collective cellular being with a self-generated collective cellular consciousness. An emotion feeling rationalizing self-aware conscious. This starts from conception, but does not take root until well after we’ve had some time outside of the womb. It is historically the nature of humans, that where we don’t understand our reality, we make understanding in the form of theory and theology. Because, understandably, not understanding is just too uncomforting and unsettling for us. So, hence, it used to be believed that the world is flat with a bubble of air and water around it, and that all living things were both physical and spirit at the same time. Hence, the need to send dead loves ones to the ancestral underworld with food and weapons and various types of money, to ensure their undead survival in the ground below the living. We now know, that the world is round and it is but one speck in a vast universe of various galaxies of worlds. But, in our continued primal nature, we still cling to and think like our ancients, unwilling to be just a momentary speck in a brief portion of the expansive timeline of the universe.

On The Nature Of “I” As The Expression Of We.
It is a bunch of brains throughout the body that are working together to create the illusion of singular “I” within us, for while we are alive as an organism upon this planet, all for an evolutionary advantage for the sake of survival. Our “I” is not our body, but the focused energetic awareness, a construct, generated by our body. Where our body has limitations based on the inherent nature of the universe, our “I” can be anything imaginable. It is anything we want it to be. It is our unique energetic construct, the way we perceive this world we are body-mind experiencing. Our “I” is a survival mechanism of the cellular collective that is who we truly are in substance. Hence, it is easy to mistake our “I” as separate from the body, while equally making the mistake of thinking our “I” is the body. The angst of duality we struggle with, that is, ultimately, a constructed illusion. … How peaceful it is to know that all is as it is, and that it’s okay just as it is. Even when it is pleasurable for us, even when it is unfair and unfavorable to us.

On Love, Marriage, And Bisexuality.
It is we humans that experience the emotion of love, for we are the ones who create it. But, we are not the only living creature that experiences it. The same is true for hate, and feelings of indifference. Some idolize that love is best confined to between two individuals and between parents and offspring. Those who do this define relationship and family as ideal when comprised of two who are married to each other. This is not a universal self-evidence, though. For many of us, as not understood as we are in our inherent nature, know that it is three or more that is ideal for a supportive and loving relationship, marriage, and family structure. We know this to be empirically true as equally deeply as though who idolize a pairing of only two. The universe might also agree with our view. For an example, look closely at an atom. An atom is comprised of three – a nucleus, a proton, and an electron. If we were to put this into human relationship terms – the nucleus would be the bisexual marriage partner, the proton would be the heterosexual marriage partner, and the electron would be the homosexual marriage partner in a three-people marriage. This for me is the only way I have conceived of a balanced, fulfilling, prospering marriage relationship, and all my life it is the only marriage type I naturally lean towards imagining and feeling inclined to encourage and support.
Now, life itself – meaning, what society you were born in and at what time in human history – presents you with what you’re able to engage in, and in this it is what it is. For those of us who are naturally different and in need of what is not available socially (whether easily or with great difficulties), we do and must be thankful for our real and present blessings. To be successfully married, regardless its type and whether it suits us fully, is to be utterly and humbly lucky in life! At least we have the opportunity to experience something, something similar, even if it is not ideal for us and our natural leaning. And, we who are married and are different in natural inherent leaning do cherish what life has given us. It is truly a blessing, and a reasoning mind clearly sees this! But, a reasoning mind understands that two is not necessarily best. In some cases, three is even better, more loving, more secure, more fulfilling, and will lead to a family life of raising children that also choose relationships that are truly best for them. It’s about forming successful relationships where love and intimate emotional love flourishes, not not-universally-agreed-upon “ideal” relationships. This is what makes families strong, and this is what makes societies strong.

On The Dangers Of Indoctrination.
Indoctrination is a wary thing to be avoided, especially in the raising of children. A stable well-developed mind is one that understands the difference between self-evident reality and how we choose to view this reality. Some believe that it is necessary to pass down historical ways of believing, in the form of cultural traditions, religions, and mythological history. Some even believe that it needs to be accepted as truth without question by those being taught. We are fortunate for all those who disagree with this, and have allowed us to evolve out of our sticks and stones and wool mammoth garments way of life into the world of modern science, engineering, and ethical humanism. It is questionable to ever take a young new growing mind in this world and not teach him or her to question everything, and see for him or her -self what proves evidently true and what is not to him or her. Stifling inherent human curiosity, especially when it produces results that bring into question age-old past down beliefs – regardless what beliefs they are! – is a criminal, immoral, and unethical thing to do. It stands in the face of love and reason.
We are not here to indoctrinate our kids, or to choose the paths of belief and of life for them to follow. This is not our role as loving parents. Our role is to provide them with all we can for them to make their conclusions about life, based on a balance between realism and intuition. Our role is to guide them with the same example of belief balanced by curiosity, and a willingness to learn ourselves. Our role is to show them that we need not enforce our views upon another, but provide them the challenges to their views they need to be better informed. Then, revel in their ultimate ever-evolving conclusions, as they learn to take their place in the social structure of human societies and history. We each find what is right for us to believe. We each play our part in advancing humanistic awareness and values in society. We each, from our unique personally resolved perspectives, are an encouraged participant in the act of social responsibility that our personal individual-ness finds its balanced expression in. For the sake of our children and for the sake of humanity’s evolution, we must be cautious of indoctrination. For this is how lives get wasted.
Far too many of us spend most of our lives resolving the devastating inner conflicts resulting from parental and social indoctrination, before ever getting started on being truly socially responsible in our clearly defined individual-ness. (I know, for my near life-long history of challenging issues is self-evidence of this! I am only just getting started, in baby steps, half way through now.) Many, maybe most in our societies, reach the grave before even making it past the inner conflicts caused by indoctrination. “Train lad according to his natural bend” – is what that ancient proverb is actually saying. Mis-translating it, as we do, is an exampled reason for why what we all know is “right” is still not the social norms of behavior. Until we understand this, we will keep needing laws to bring social balance to a world of humans bent on ideological and theological indoctrination, to a world bent on imposing competing intents upon one another. A very slow crawl this is to grow up as a human race from out of childlike beliefs, through our present questioning adolescence, into the adulthood of non-indoctrinating reason and curiosity that is naturally ours to pursue.

On Addictions, Of All Kinds (and the Single Reason for Addiction).
Whether it is an addiction to a substance, a drug, or an addiction to sex or porn or gambling or money, or an addiction to some religious ideology or doctrine, it all stems from the same one unfulfilled need – the need for a genuine sense of connecting. What drives people to these vices is the feeling of being disconnected or not quite fully connected. It is a kind of emptiness that has one feeling like a rat helplessly caught in an empty barren cage. Doesn’t matter how much stuff we have with us or who is around us or how often we engage in our substitutes for the loneliness of disconnection, we are a creature biologically driven towards needing the connection we seem to not be able to fill. Thus, we seek temporary relief and release in substance abuse, sex or money obsessions, or religions that teach us to edify our shame and our need for ideological redemption. But, these are just substitutes for what is really needed. They are momentary and, thus, unfulfilling again and again over a lifetime. The realization of this further compounds the sense of isolation in the midst of company. Chastisements and punishments only serve to ingrain these inner disconnects further, and there is really only one solution to them. The solution for addictions is not physical and mental sobriety. Nor, is it substitutes in a blind attempt to redirect. You’re still addicted, so they don’t really help. The solution for addictions, and we all have our individual addictions – and no one is alone or entirely unique in theirs – the solution for addictions is a deep sense of being connected. Connected with life and with others around us, so deeply that we just don’t have time for addictions in our lives. It’s this connection, that each and every one of us is really looking for in the first place. People who are genuinely happy are the ones who are fully connected. They don’t need religion, they don’t need money, they don’t need sex, and they don’t need substances. They enjoy all these things when they experience them, but they don’t need them. And this is the critical difference. All addictions stem from a sense of disconnect within us. So, how do we re-connect? And, socially, what do we do to encourage this connection?

Shut up! Listen! Learn!

On Life’s Most Important Lesson.
Stop! Just stop, and pay close attention! We place too much value in our thoughts. Too much credit in our unrelenting urges. It is an illusion, our patterned condition. Don’t think, feel it! Feel it, and don’t act on it! Just be quiet, and observe! There is nothing more we need to do in this moment. Disconnect, and actually connect! Give no credit to the thought, to the image of this thought. See things as they really actually are, now, in this moment ever-changing. We are victims of a self-created illusion, a patterned habitualized perception, a survival mechanism of our species that has us living in self-generated illusions. It is not real. Listen to the yelling in your mind. Listen to the yelling of everything you have on to distract yourself from this. We think too much, and it is THE source of our miseries.

On The Realities of Life and Inevitability of Death (Beyond sex and death, the only other real purpose for our existence revealed!)
I am a facade. A character actor. I am not all that important. I live for the sake of my family. I do for the sake of my family. Those immediate closest in relationship to me. I do for them in preparation for my eventual death. Statistics reveal that chances are, out of all of them, I’ll be the first to go. So, I am very realistic now about life. I live to prepare them for this eventual day. I do to prepare them. And whatever fleeting moments of joy I personally experience while preparing them I consider myself briefly blessed with. This is all this life is really all about, anyways. We are born, we live and experience. The sum total of our experiences both good and bad are what they are. Then we die, never to experience again. Like we were before we were born for this brief life of experiences, some of which we control or fail to control and some of which we don’t control, so we return to – non-existence. Where there is no experiencing, no hoping or suffering, no nothing but non-existence. I accept the reality of my life, the apparent constants that make up this life at its fundamental level, that my wants and dreams and desires and needs are really not all that important. Only the living the facade of expectation for the sake of preparing family for the inevitable end. I am uncomfortable and hate living in clothes, but I wear them regardless – so I can present the life that sets them up prepared for my eventual death. I care not for money and societal life, but I buy a home for them and give time to participating in community activity – so they have reason to have fond memory of me. It’s not me I am concerned about now, but the character image of me that they will remember that is important. This is all I live for now, preparing them for what will eventually come to each and every one of us. We hope to live, for another day, but there are no guarantees granted in life. This is life, and I must accept it.

On Seeing Life As It Actually Is.
Enjoy life while you got it. Pay more attention to everything in this moment, than to your ever churning thoughts. Because, someday you’ll just fade out, into an endless non-existent sleep. Don’t worry yourself about this, for it happens to all of us. For the length of the universe, prior to your conception in the womb, you did not exist. This is the same non-existence to which we all return. And there’s nothing wrong with this, it simply is what it is. So, relax and enjoy life. Stop fretting over what you do not and cannot control. Instead, focus on expressing what you’ve learned and on influencing others to grow and do better deeds than you yourself did. For there to be life, there must be death. For there to be existence, there must be non-existence. They are intimately connected, two sides to the same coin. This has been the natural way for ages, and will be the natural way for as long as this universe exists. There is nothing to fear. No theology, no belief, no ideology changes this. So, use such for betterment of future humanity. Look around, at the other creatures inhabiting earth. This is why other creatures sleep so well at night. They do not over-complicate the obvious, the stunning, demonstrable, and beautiful self-evident.

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