America, Wake Up – Beware The Rise Of The Radicalized Right In American Politics!

White Nationalism and Christian Fundamentalism make up the Tea Party that rules the Republican Party.

It is said that perspective is everything. Here’s the mistake a lot of people are making about the Electoral College result in this 2016 election for the U.S. President: Despite popular mainstream belief, the racism, religious bigotry, and everyday sexism that infiltrated this American election process is not the result of an unscrupulous and manipulative opportunist called Donald Trump running for President. He’s just out to enrich his name and his businesses, regardless the cost and deception required to do so. The racism, religious bigotry, and everyday sexism is really a result of seventy years of politicized religious fundamentalism and white nationalism in the United States of America. And we can see this clearly in who is clamoring for positions of power in the next presidential administration’s government. The likes of Bannon and Pence, Flynn, Pompeo, Sessions, and DeVos. The ones that don’t make it to the inner circle are still there, as well, and are seeking presence in the sidelines, like Kobach, Giuliani, and Spencer.

If you are not scared by the choices being made for a #TrumpAdministration, then you are woefully ignorant on the history of these individuals and on American history itself, factually and demonstrably!

Compared to these deeply invested movements, the Alt-Right and Religious-Right, that is actively surrounding a Trump presidency, Trump is nothing more than a small time want-to-be autocrat with international and domestic business conflicts to the role of President. He is seeking solely to increase his personal influence at the expense of the People, and is already disregarding institutionalized barriers meant to prevent this. (Truly, you’d have to be utterly self-deceived or a fool not to see this!) This is where the likes of Kushner and Ross, Mnuchin and DeVos, come into his picture. He is making deliberate selections! But, his election by electoral proxy alone and against the voted will of the People, is not the real concern. The very present and real threat to the preservation of the United States of America as a democracy is literally all around him, and we really need to stand up as a nation against his presidency before the Electoral College decides it should be.

Here’s some trivia questions: Do you know that the Trump guy not only has real estate around the world, but is invested in the DAPL project, too? Do you know he has stock in the very companies whose people he is placing into key positions within his proposed administration? Think carefully about this! The Electoral College is set to make Trump President-elect on December 19th, despite the majority General Election vote for Hillary Clinton, if we don’t protest the Electoral College to do the “right” thing, the ethical thing. This wanna-be President is a deliberate ignorant on world affairs. Do you not think others will be doing the thinking and motivating for him, while he looks for ways to publicly glorify himself and focuses on how to get even richer? Look who he’s chosen to guide him on military action, the likes of Flynn and Mattis – two war hawks that have a record of viewing regime change as the answer to Middle East problems, and are both anti-Islamic in mindset (anti- “political Islam” and “Islamic extremism”, key word in both is “Islam” the religion)!

It’s not alarmism to say that we are in jeopardy as a democratic nation! The Alt-Right and Religious-Right have been working for this day of rising mainstream influence for decades, now. Making it appear to the public eyes that their stance is a fight for the preservation of personal liberty and conservative values, when it’s always been a fight for religious dominion over the civil affairs of this nation. For the Religious Right, they have been at this since 1945, and it’s been since the Civil Rights movement with the white Nationalists. Together, they are the Tea Party that has hijacked the Republican party. They are the ones that motivated the separatists/supremacists and Christian church-goers into lobbying their communities very hard for white votes for Donald Trump. The disillusioned buying-in by the jobless and impoverished Rust Belt voters is only a distraction from this, the Trump guy’s real base of popularity. And if America does *not* want to become yet another separatist nation governed by theocracy in this world – then, American citizens, we need to wake up, speak up, and act now!

These extremist movements in the United States are not playing around, they’ve been battling heavily against the pluralism that our nation is founded on – and doing so with a lot of monetary support – in the halls of our nation’s courts and legislative offices for decades now. Empowered by legal and legislative victories, they are convinced of the “rightness” of their cause, and no governmental structure is inviolably immune to radicalized change. Not even the American democracy, and it is to our folly to think else wise! In their minds, the United States of America is and should be a white Christian nation “under God” and “for God,” that is diametrically at odds with Islamic nations and communist nations around this world. Those of us citizens who value and support pluralism and humanism in national civil affairs are literally “the enemies of God” in their Right-wing rhetoric – and this is no joke.

We are literally seeing the same thing play out here in America that has been playing out all across the Middle East where the United States has had its forces. The only difference being, between the two, that it is white Christians who are nationalist-minded here and sectarian-oriented Arab Muslims over there – and we should rightfully be very concerned! America, we need to wake up fast and see the societal and political fields a lot more clearly, have a bit more historical and societal clarity, before it’s too late to do anything about it. The continuance of American democracy *is* at stake, if history is to be any judge, for we won’t be the constitutional-envisioned ‘of the People and by the People’ United States as a democratically-structured theocracy at endless war with its neighbors! As the radical Right said this election, the time is now to be doing something about this. #NotMyPresident #TrumpProtests #UnpaidProtestor #election2016

Donald Trump Is Choosing His Cabinet. Here’s the Latest Shortlist.
Donald J. Trump is (presently) the president-elect. Want to know what it means? We’re working on a guide to keep you updated, right in your inbox.


For a better understanding of the thinking of the political Religious-Right in the United States of America, take a look at Christian economic historian and publisher Gary North’s book:

“Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism”
Gary Kilgore North is an American Christian Reconstructionist theorist and economic historian. North has authored or coauthored over fifty books on topics including Christian theology, economics, and history.

“Political pluralism is not simply a political philosophy: it is a theology. it is American’s civil religion. … This is the problem. God-fearing Christian Americans have been told that the Constitution teaches the absolute separation of Church and State. They have been told correctly. But what they have not been told is precisely where it says this. It does not say this in the First amendment. The First amendment says only that Congress shall make no law regarding religion or the free exercise thereof. So, where does the Constitution prohibit a Christian America? In a section that has been ignored by scholars for so long that it is virtually never discussed-the key provision that transformed American into a secular humanist nation. But it took 173 years to do this: from 1788 until 1961. Political Polytheism discusses this crucial provision in detail-the first Christian book to do so in over two centuries.

But if Christ is Lord over the United States, yet the citizens of the United States either publicly deny this or are afraid to affirm it publicly, and if the elected politicians and appointed officers of the nation are legally prohibited from pursuing the implications of this fact, then what does this mean for the nation? It means that God intends to bring American under judgment. Why? Because this nation was originally founded as a Christian nation, covenanted with God, and then it broke the covenant. The results are predictable: And it shall be, if thou do at all forget the LORD thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve them and worship them, I testify against you this day that ye shall surely perish, As the nations which the LORD destroyeth before your face, so shall ye perish; because ye would not be obedient unto the voice of the LORD your God. (Deuteronomy 8:19-20)”

Only one problem, Gary North – The United States of America was *not* founded as a “Christian nation,” at all! That is, according to the verifiable historical facts in our nation’s archives. The United States of America was founded as a colonist secession from the rule of Britain over a dispute about unfair forced taxation without representation. The United States’ constitution is a direct product of 1700’s European ‘Era of Enlightenment (Age of Reason)’ ideology and Deist religious philosophy. The beliefs of this time, which are enshrined in the United States constitution, were a government that is ran by the collective will “of the People” as ultimate national authority, and a separation of governmental powers into three branches of government (executive, legislative, and judicial) to ensure that this nation not become an oligarchy ruled by a specific monarchy or religion. Hence, the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses in the U.S. constitution, along with the No Religious Test clause for political/governmental office further in.

In contrast to the teaching of modern fundamentalist Christians who have re-invented history with hermeneutic spins, the United States was *not* founded on the religious beliefs of the Christian Pilgrims (Puritans) that settled in America in the early 1600’s. Though, fundamentalist Christians of modern times would have us believe this, and have worked hard to teach this over the last several decades. Those Pilgrims, for all their religiosity, yes, did indeed believe that the American continent which they settled on belonged to them, rather than belonging to the “savages” (Native Americans) who they mercilessly fought and slaughtered for control of the land. Yes, they possessed the idea of America as their “promised land,” while they gave thanks to their Christian god for the successful annihilation and enslavement of the indigenous people of this land. These are indeed in the historical writings of the colony leaders.

If this is the legacy to which modern Christian fundamentalism wishes to derive their belief in an original Judeo-Christian constitutional covenant for the land to be eventually known as the United States, then they are definitely inline with the over all history of Christianity around the world – that of ‘convert or die’ being the operative religious social methodology. The modern Christian theologies of Dominion-ism, Creationism, and Biblical Capitalism have their roots in 20th Century American Christian thinking, far removed from the thinking of the Founders of this American nation. Founders who would be appalled at the very idea of this nation being “a Christian nation” that is under the rule of a theistic Christian god. And this is unalterable historical fact! To preserve a national democracy “of the People” is to keep church separated from state, and uphold “liberty and justice” for all this nation’s citizens, regardless their religious and political personal leanings or lack thereof. Every citizen has a voice, and it is oppression to stifle the needed hearing of this voice!

For those interested, here is a source for studying the literature of early American colonization:

American Literature/Colonial Period (1620s-1776)
Many American literature textbooks cover the colonial period genre by genre. The danger in doing this is time distortion. This period of literature spans almost 300 years, longer by far than all of the other periods of literature put together. The other problem with covering this period by genre is that many of its most famous writers wrote in more than one genre, so the same writer must be considered multiple times. A final disadvantage is the proximity of many of the genres to another genre. For example, how different can a work in philosophy be from a religious tract when a religious background is assumed by the author? Many political writers touch heavily on history, and vice versa. Given these considerations, it is more fruitful to cover this period diachronically while keeping possible genres in mind.
Aside from span of time, another consideration that makes this period unique from all the others is that the writers in this period had no idea they were writing anything that could be classified as American literature. These writers were mostly British, and all were heavily indebted to British literature writing conventions long since established in the motherland. No other period of American literature is as derivative of English literature as the colonial period.

There is also the Cambridge History of American Literature:, Volume 1; Volumes 1590-1820 to reference for scholarly studies of this historical time period.

For those interested, here is a source for studying the ‘Era of Enlightenment’ and ‘Age of Reason’ European philosophies that informed the thoughts of those forming an independent nation from Britain in North America:

History Channel – Era of Enlightenment, Age of Reason, Scientific Revolution
European politics, philosophy, science and communications were radically reoriented during the course of the “long 18th century” (1685-1815) as part of a movement referred to by its participants as the Age of Reason, or simply the Enlightenment. Enlightenment thinkers in Britain, in France and throughout Europe questioned traditional authority and embraced the notion that humanity could be improved through rational change. The Enlightenment produced numerous books, essays, inventions, scientific discoveries, laws, wars and revolutions. The American and French Revolutions were directly inspired by Enlightenment ideals and respectively marked the peak of its influence and the beginning of its decline. … It was also a time of religious (and anti-religious) innovation, as Christians sought to reposition their faith along rational lines and deists and materialists argued that the universe seemed to determine its own course without God’s intervention. … The Enlightenment ultimately gave way to 19th-century Romanticism.

#TeaParty #WhiteNationalism #ReligiousRight #USConstitution #WhitePrivilege #NoDAPL #BlackLivesMatter #NativeLivesMatter #LatinoLivesMatter #LGBTQ #Equality #EmpoweringWomen #EverydaySexism


We need Truth and Reconciliation in the United States of America. #NativeLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter in the United States of America! Time for white America to share it’s #WhitePrivilege with the rest of the citizens of this nation.

I so wish I could have taken a picture of it to show, an SUV window that sums up the nature of Southern attitudes in the Un-united States of America in our present 21st Century. Imagine a black Dodge SUV and on this SUV’s back window is a large confederate flag, a white Christian cross, and a #TrumpPence2016 campaign set of stickers, all placed deliberately upon the back window to make a clear statement.

It proves a point being made: That the evidence of the surge of Evangelical-Alt-Right-ism in the Un-united States of America, seeking to turn America into a white Christian Nationalist nation, is everywhere! I see it near everyday in so many public places living here in the South. It is the very reason that the Electoral College was skewed this #election2016 toward voting against the clear voted will of the People, by voting in partisan allegiance on December 19th for the loser, that #Trump guy, of the November 8th general election.

As a nation, what are we going to do about this? We need #TruthandReconciliation in the United States of America, like has been happening in South Africa and in Canada. We need #RestorativeJustice in the United States of America, and a recognition that racism disproportionately affects all aspects of living as an ethnic minority in America. And, we need to support the #NationalPopularVote to remove the disenfranchisement of most voters votes across this country and, especially within the cities, in favor of the electoral decision of a few white majority populated states who get to decide the presidential election for the rest of us.

We need Truth and Reconciliation in the United States of America. #NativeLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter in the United States of America! Time for white America to share it’s #WhitePrivilege with the rest of the citizens of this nation.

Update 29 Dec 2016 with above 3rd post.

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  1. A comment I received today on one of my public G+ posts about the religious Radical Right in America (I cannot make this stuff up!):

    Lee Barclay
    8:52 AM
    REPENT and pray to your Father in Heaven , in the Holy Name of His Son , Jesus Christ , to forgive you for your wicked sinfulness or come Judgment Day ( and it’s coming soon ) , you will be cast into the Lake of Fire to suffer the torment of the damned for all eternity ! Obedience to God demands that you renounce the dark , malevolent , insidious and Satanic forces of Liberalism , Neoliberalism , Progressivism , Collectivism , Communism , Atheism , Secularism , Humanism , Islamism ,
    the New World Order , Environmentalism and Political Correctness or you will burn in HELL !
    . G-zus ❤ U !

    My response was a bit more compassionate, but utterly truthful:

    Joseph Farkasdi
    6:42 PM
    Appreciate you, Lee! But, no thanks. Not interested in reverencing human made idols and theologies. Peace!

  2. “Make no mistake, no matter how thin Trump’s veneer of religiosity may be, this election will result in a Religious Right takeover.” – Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director, American Humanist Association

    Exactly! That Trump guy is not the real concern. Those who are now surrounding that Trump guy are the real concern. The Religious Right and White Nationalists have finally, after decades of fighting for it in legislatures and in courts, gotten a seat at the national table. Their intent is to make America white again, and to establish the United States as a Christian nation in this world, as their history-reenvisioned theology demands. In their theology, white people founded and own this land of North America, and this nation called the United States was founded under a covenant with the Christian god (it is the American Israel, the American holy land!) – meaning that their idol “Jesus” rules the United States, not the collective People who are citizens of this nation. Don’t take my word for it, study them for yourselves! Then, protest and resist their combined religious nationalism. American democracy is actually at stake, wake up!

    #whitenationalism #religiousright #election2016 #trump #blacklivesmatter #nativelivesmatter #latinolivesmatter #lgbtq #empoweringwomen

  3. As the Radical Republican Right revel over their majority in the House and Senate, salivate over doing the same to the Supreme Court, talk gleefully about the ultra-Right appointments to the #TrumpAdministration, and line up their wish list of laws to enact and force upon all citizens of the nation … “Trump! Go home (minority).” is the slur of the day. (They don’t mind.)

    “Trump” – the new derogatory word being thrown at anyone obviously not white (and “you lost” and “trump will be coming for you soon”) during public tirades by Trump voters. SPLC has 867 confirmed acts of hate against non-white Americans since the general #election2016 – which Trump technically lost (by 2.4 million votes). The Electoral College doesn’t vote until Dec 19th. If you don’t want a President whose very name will be used as a discriminatory hate word against non-white U.S. citizens during his presidency, you might want to get busy encouraging the Electoral College to vote according to the Popular vote. Hillary Clinton won the general election, and this is just the facts.
    #BlackLivesMatter #NativeLivesMatter #LatinoLivesMatter #AsianLivesMatter #MuslimLivesMatter #JewishLivesMatter #LGBTQLivesMatter #WomensLivesMatter #Trump #TrumpProtests #NotMyPresident

    Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election
    Of course, hate crimes and lower-level incidents of racial or ethnically charged harassment have long been common in the United States. But the targets of post-election hate incidents report that they are experiencing something quite new.
    “I have experienced discrimination in my life, but never in such a public and unashamed manner,” an Asian-American woman reported after a man told her to “go home” as she left an Oakland train station. Likewise, a black resident whose apartment was vandalized with the phrase “911 nigger” reported that he had “never witnessed anything like this.” A Los Angeles woman, who encountered a man who told her he was “Gonna beat [her] pussy,” stated that she was in this neighborhood “all the time and never experienced this type of language before.” Not far away in Sunnyvale, California, a transgender person reported being targeted with homophobic slurs at a bar where “I’ve been a regular customer for 3 years — never had any issues.”

    The 867 hate incidents described here come from two sources — submissions to the #ReportHate page on the SPLC website and media accounts. Incidents were limited to real-world events; the count does not include instances of online harassment. We have excluded incidents that authorities have determined to be hoaxes; however, it was not possible to confirm the veracity of all reports.
    The incidents documented here almost certainly represent a small fraction of the actual number of election-related hate incidents that have occurred since November 8. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that two-thirds of hate crimes go unreported to the police. The under-reporting problem is surely more severe when it comes to hate incidents that may not rise to the level of criminal violations and that are being reported to a new, little-known repository established by a private organization.

  4. United States Citizens: Donald Trump is not actually President-elect yet! The Electoral College does not vote until Dec 19th. Hillary Clinton actually won the General Election by 2.5 million votes. So, petition the Electoral College to vote accordingly! #Resist Stop calling Trump “President-elect”. He is not yet, and he doesn’t have to be! Saying that he is tells the Electoral College that you accept his nomination as President. Do you?! #NotMyPresident #TrumpProtests #NeverTrump

    About the Electoral Petition
    Donald Trump has not been elected president. The real election takes place December 19, when the 538 Electors cast their ballots – for anyone they want.
    We are calling on “Conscientious Electors” to protect the Constitution from Donald Trump, and to support the national popular vote winner.
    More than 4.6 million Americans support this grassroots effort.
    Sign the petition here:

    There is still time U.S. citizens to decide who is going to be President. Hey, Trump voters. Having buyer’s remorse? It’s not too late to change your vote! Tell the Electoral College that you want them to vote *against* Trump on December 19th. #Trump

  5. This is the danger of allowing the politically radicalized Religious-Right to occupy the key offices of our nation that define government policy. When you say, “people have gotten things wrong throughout the 5,500-year history of our planet,” you are speaking as someone who believes religion is the sole source for truth, and that all government policies need to be based around your religious truth about this world. You are saying that science has no real evidence, and is questionable in comparison to your religious beliefs about the world. You are saying that religious myths found in a book written by humans are the sole source of accurate historical and scientific knowledge. And this is very dangerous, folks!

    The science clearly shows us that we human primates are wrecklessly endangering our planet’s ecosystem – to our and all other lifes’ peril! If we don’t let go of our fantasies about life soon, it’d be too late to stop the effects of climate change caused by what we are doing. Scaramucci is a #Trump campaign transistion team advisor. #climatechange #christianright

    For the record, the earth is 4.5 billion years old, only one human species out of six (coexisting on this planet together for a time) still survives (us, human Sapiens, the only humans as of 17,000 years ago), and it was only 5,500 years ago that the oral tribal myths of the Middle East was written down onto scrolls after human Sapiens invented this thing called writing or written language.

    Trump Adviser Questions Climate Change, Cites ‘5,500 Year History’ of Earth
    Trump transition official compares climate change theory to flat earth theory, and thinks both might be wrong.
    The stupid. It burns.
    Appearing on CNN, Anthony Scaramucci, an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump and a leader on his transition team, compared the scientific consensus concerning climate change to theories claiming the earth is flat, arguing that both could be wrong.

  6. When over 73.5 million U.S. voters deliberately refused Trump’s presidency by voting against him (and only 62.9 million voted for him), yes, the citizens of America have lost hope and are *understandably* unwilling to come to terms with what happened in this #election2016 and there is no rational reason to “unite” under a religious white nationalist #Trump presidency. #ElectoralCollege, it’s time to deny him with your vote on Monday. #NeverTrump – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020!

    If the #ElectoralCollege fails to reject Donald J Trump as President-elect and, instead, choose some other Republican candidate in his place, they’ll “be joining a long list of people who didn’t do their jobs this past year.” The last eight years, to be more precise. “The list starts with the Republican Party and Reince Priebus.”

    As Electors Finally Meet, Donald Trump’s Moment of Truth Approaches
    The post-Clinton Democratic Party may be the last institution standing that can hold the charlatan who’s about to become our next President to account.
    And so after everything—the relentless lies, the twisted misogyny, the mocking of a disabled man, the racism open enough to have won the enthusiasm of white supremacists, the invitation to a foreign adversary to find and leak information damaging to his opponent, and all the rest of it—we’re hitting the point of no return. The Electoral College meets Monday, and unless he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue in the meantime, it’s done. The electors are going to certify him as the next president.

  7. One of two possibilites will happen on Monday, Dec 19th. Enough Republican electors will reject voting for Trump and force the GOP-controlled House of Representatives to have to cast the votes, thus fulfilling their constitutional role as electors. Or, the Electoral College will prove to be nothing more than a rubber stamp for political parties and give Trump the election even though he lost the General Election by 2.83 million votes – and this will mark the end to the Electoral College system, and a return to the Direct Voting system in the United States of America. We are about to see which it will be. Exciting, isn’t it?! #ElectoralCollege #NeverTrump #NotOurPresident – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020!

    “In the aftermath of a uniquely polarizing presidential contest, the once-anonymous electors are squarely in the spotlight, targeted by death threats, harassing phone calls and reams of hate mail. One Texas Republican elector said he’s been bombarded with more than 200,000 emails.

    “The Trump campaign is calling. The Republican Party of Texas is calling. They’re trying to lock down the votes,” said Texas GOP elector Alexander Kim, who estimated he has received at least 30 such calls. One RNC insider, he said, called him three times in one hour to get a response.”

    “I never can imagine harassing people like this. It’s just f—– up,” said Jim Rhoades, a Republican elector from Michigan who runs a home inspection service. “I’ve lost a bunch of business.”

    There’s a reason electors like Kim make Republicans nervous. While he insists he’s voting for Trump when the body meets on Monday and that nothing can shake him from that position, there is a caveat: “unless Trump does something to violate the compact that he created with American citizens.” Just that eyelash of doubt, Kim suspects, has led to his barrage of calls from the party.”

    Electors under siege
    Members of the Electoral College votes have been inundated by harassing phone calls and hate mail. Many report receiving death threats.

  8. Now that it has happened, now that the Electoral College has made its decision on who will be President in 2017-2020, this #election2016 should be delegitimized, but done so in all the right ways. Not with falsehoods and fake news, but with the simple and self-evident facts.

    The facts that a few white populated states decided the election for all the rest of us throughout the country. That #Trump lost the Nov 8th general election by 2.86 million more votes for Hillary Clinton. That the Electoral College chose to vote partisan on Dec 19th against the clearly voted will of 73.6 million U.S. voters across this country who said #NotMyPresident to that Trump guy’s candidacy.

    That the #ElectoralCollege is an electoral system established in slavery days to give Southern states undue influence in national politics, which led to a seventy year political monopoly of the U.S. government by racist slave-owners that led, as a result, to the United States Civil War. That the Electoral College is being used in modern times to disenfranchise the majority votes of the voters across the country and, especially, in cities, by given the power of decision over who is to be president to a few predominantly white states within this country.

    This very same electoral system meant to advantage slaves states in the past has now advantaged a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, selfish, and narcissistic #Trump guy, who the Evangelical-Alt-Right Christians and Nationalists heavily supported this election. They were the minority, but their voice was honored over the collective voted will of the entire citizenry. It’s time for the #NationalPopularVote, because the United States of America is better than this!

    Donald Trump Is Unpopular, and So Is the GOP’s Agenda
    How can Democrats capitalize?
    Neither Trump nor congressional Republicans are as strong as they appear. Both enter the field with severe disadvantages, and both risk overplaying the hands that they have. Democrats are on the defensive, but the conditions are there for pushback and resurgence.

  9. Dear Accuracy in Media, you are correct that 62.9 million Americans made a stupid choice voting for that con man, the #Trump guy, on November 8th, and that this skewed the electoral college to vote on December 19th against the voted will of the majority of U.S. citizens, who clearly said in November #NotMyPresident to Trump. 73.6 million U.S. citizens to be exact, with 65.8 million choosing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. These facts haven’t changed, either. Now, it is clearly known that no voting station was hacked by Russia and it is possible, given eight years of Republican obstructionist government and “Conservative” evangelical alt-right media “fake news” and Obama-bashing, that Russia’s interference in the U.S. election process likely would have made no difference, if it had not happened. But, for accuracy, it did happen! This is why the Trump guy and his many pundits speaking for him keep tweeting and talking to try to justify to the American populace how his #election2016 “win” is justified and legitimate and a “big” win.

    It’s still not too late for the greater majority of the U.S. citizens to stand up and publicly refuse en masse this joke of a presidency and demand election reforms in the United States, and now is the time to do it. We do understand your pain, “Conservative” Republicans. We know how difficult it was for you to live under the authority and direction of America’s first black president, 44th President of the United States, President Barrack Hussein Obama. We do understand how undeniably fearful you became over the idea of a qualified woman taking the highest office of the land immediately afterwards, and setting a historic first for the United States. So, for whatever b.s. justification you chose to subscribe to, you chose the most unqualified whitest guy you could find for the job, that Trump guy, who encouraged Russia to interfere in the U.S. election, who has consistently displayed the worst character and personality for the job, and is now trying to legitimize his “win” by saying the interference of another country didn’t really happen. Apparently, he has a problem with it, too.

    For quite the many of us citizens who had our votes disenfranchised yet again by the Electoral College system, that Trump guy is #NotOurPresident – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020! That Trump guy is just going to have to live with this, despite his fragile ego issues. It is perfectly fine to delegitimize even the idea of him being president of the United States, and all patriots should do so. For America is better than this as a nation, and the facts clearly show this in the general election votes.

    Dear Liberal Media: The Russian Hack was of the DNC Emails, Not the 2016 Election
    The Obama White House released a statement and said that they will enact sanctions due to cyber-espionage, “In October, my Administration publicized our assessment that Russia took actions intended to interfere with the U.S. election process.”

  10. Oh, yeah! It’s on! Patriots, download the guide and #Resist! That Trump guy is #NotOurPresident – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020! As patriots, we “the People” of the United States have no reason to “unite” behind a con man only interested in enriching himself and his proposed Evangelical-Alt-Right #TrumpAdministration – the United States is better than this!

    A practical guide For resisting the Trump agenda
    Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen.

  11. This election “was about which candidate confirmed and validated the religious worldview of white, evangelical Christians.”

    Finally, someone who gets what happen in #election2016! The #godfactor movement of the evangelical-alt-right that had been preparing to get the Christian-right vote out to the polls for eight solid years. Facts don’t matter to them – but, still yet, that #Trump guy is #NotOurPresident! Read her whole statement below.

    “So, when Donald Trump won the election … everyone scrambled to figure out just how this had happened. I know how this happened. It happened because this election wasn’t about facts. It was about a religious worldview… In many ways, this election wasn’t even about Donald Trump. It was about which candidate confirmed and validated the religious worldview of white, evangelical Christians. Trump simply figured that out and then confirmed and validated this worldview until 81 percent of white, evangelical voters cast their ballot for him… this election wasn’t about whether Trump was an honest Christian of upstanding moral character. It was about — in Franklin Graham’s words — stopping the “godless, atheistic progressive agenda.” Evangelicals were able to look past Trump’s poor character because there was a higher purpose to be accomplished. They were able to look past Trump (and even the extremist, alt-right groups that supported him) because they know all the Bible stories where God uses sinful men to do his will… And let’s not forget that once you’re deeply ensconced in this religious worldview, there’s a heavy price to be paid for breaking rank. For many of these believers, the Republican vote is the Christian vote. So, once Donald Trump became the Republican candidate, a vote for Hillary was a vote against God’s anointed leader. No Christian wants to be guilty of that. No Christian wants to be cast outside the camp.”

    How the 2016 election reminded me of growing up in a cult
    In the aftermath of this presidential election, I can’t help but see striking similarities between what happened inside the religious cult of my childhood and what played out for us in the political cult of personality.
    Here was the larger-than-life leader drawing followers to himself despite the facts of his poor character, lack of experience and even despite the fact that media, pundits and pollsters claimed he wouldn’t — couldn’t — win.
    But no amount of scolding, derision or facts from outsiders could sway his followers. Indeed, this perceived persecution by the “liberal media” only reinforced their worldview.
    The same thing happened when I was growing up inside a religious cult.
    The facts didn’t matter. What we believed mattered, and our beliefs were what made the facts the facts. Doctrinally, our beliefs closely mirrored present-day Southern Baptists, but practically speaking, the facts were whatever our leader said they were and no amount of scolding, derision or “facts” from outsiders could sway us. Indeed, we perceived such chiding as persecution and it only reinforced our worldview.
    After all, we had God. And that fact trumped everything.

    Patriots, it’s time to resist #Resist. The United States is #NotAChristianNation, so says this country’s Constitution.

  12. This is a very important and thoughtful article, and I encourage you to read it.

    “Two fundamental facts: for most people, instincts outperform reason, and social allegiance trumps truth. If we are to make America kind again, we have to base our strategies on the uncomfortable truth that progressive ideals cannot vanquish human nature. Instead we must co-opt human nature… The human-nature problem is this: if you differentiate by politically correct (PC) labels and humiliate people in the process, you invite hostility toward the out-group. And that brings us to the most dangerous fact of all: when it comes to treatment of an out-group, there are no rules… So, what can humanists, progressives, and other compassionate people do? Like the civil rights marchers (of the 1950s and ’60s), we must rise up to meet tribal fear, hostility, and hate with determined, courageous, humanistic love.”

    ““For most of human history, the main threat has been from other human beings,” political scientist John Hibbing explains, “and so we worry about the tribe over the hill or in-group violators.” The stronger those atavistic feelings are, the more a person tends towards conservatism.”

    Make America Kind Again
    Of course, I’m no political pundit. But in trying to make sense of an event in which nearly 62 million Americans voted for a crude, narcissistic swindler with fascistic pretensions, I do have one advantage that you may not: I live in Nebraska, where in Grant County Trump took 93 percent of the votes (a figure topped by only two small counties in Texas.) I’ve also had the opportunity recently to speak to a distinguished political scientist and have some recommendations to offer.
    For starters, if you want to understand what happened on November 8, you have to put aside the Nazi-saluting, gun-toting brawler at the Trump rally—not because he’s unreal or irrelevant, but because he’s atypical. There aren’t 62 million of him—not yet, anyway. Instead, you have to contemplate Karen.

    Let’s achieve #TruthandReconciliation in the United States! The sooner we end #tribalism in America, the sooner it really will be that #AllLivesMatter in the United States of America. In the time of the #Trump reaction, we can really flourish and make more progress – we can “co-opt human nature” – by showing that there really are no “out-groups” in this nation and in this world of human diversity. #Humanism #AHA

  13. “Russian intelligence monitored Donald Trump engaging in “perverted sexual acts” during his stay in a luxury Moscow hotel, according to an unconfirmed report about compromising material on the President-elect.”

    America looks like a joke at this point. How easily manipulated almost half of the populace is by the Christian-Right and Alt-Right and Russian government. And how easily manipulated near all of the public is by partisan politics and affiliation. The United States is facing a serious wake up call. Will we be a democratic republic in four years? Or, will we be a weird combination of something else? Welcome to 2017 in the Un’united States of America. #election2016 #Trump #NotOurPresident – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020!

    Donald Trump engaged in ‘perverted sexual acts’ monitored by Russia intelligence, report says
    A document published in full by BuzzFeed News on Tuesday said that during a 2013 trip to the Russian capital, Trump made Russian prostitutes defile a bed where President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had stayed on a previous occasion.
    The accusations are unconfirmed, though Trump did travel to Russia in 2013 when he hosted the Miss Universe pageant there. The Obamas traveled to Moscow in July 2009.
    Another allegation says that Trump had participated in sex parties in St. Petersburg, but that witnesses were “bribed or coerced to disappear.”
    The 35-page report, which said that the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in central Moscow was bugged by the FSB intelligence agency, also includes other accusations that Trump was coordinating with Russia.
    It says that Russian officials, with the approval of President Vladimir Putin, have been “cultivating” Trump for five years, and that he received intelligence information on political opponents from them.

    Whether true or not, this is a pattern, and this is effing embarrassing!

    Lawmakers broach possible Trump campaign coordination with Russia
    Members of Congress made clear Tuesday they’re increasingly willing to broach a taboo topic: possible coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.
    Their emboldened approach comes amid a bombshell CNN report that intelligence officials last week presented Trump with alleged claims by Russian operatives that they have compromising information on the president-elect. According to CNN, Trump was also presented with allegations there was an “exchange of information” during the campaign between his surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.
    It’s a subject lawmakers have largely avoided discussing since the presidential election, even as anti-Trump advocacy groups have sounded alarm bells about the president-elect.
    But that changed Tuesday, during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia’s meddling in November’s election.

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