Like A Droplet Of Energy Water We Each Individually Are

human-energy-bodiesEvery morning I wake up and discover that I am human. I become aware of it, like every other conscious formed representation around me. Every morning I am ambivalent about this, knowing I did not ask for this experiencing. It presents itself like a recurring dream. Then, I settle into the reality of it, that this day is present and must be experienced. Experienced either as is or as I choose to perceive it. Not everyone chooses this reality or even wants it, though many convince themselves daily that this is what they are doing. So, they entrench themselves in an illusion that some how this is a manifestation of their mind or spirit.

So wish this were so. Because if this were true, I would have eliminated the temporal-ness of it through illness and mortality a long time ago. I would have eliminated the imbalances of human living existence throughout the world. I would have eliminated the representations of self oriented hate, greed, and envy that people turn into acts. Who seriously wants experiencings of these things? We tell ourselves that somehow we are actually beyond this, and we experience it to learn something. But, honestly, this is our reaction and rationalization to Being in Form that we did not self-intend to be, isn’t it?

Like a droplet of energy water we each individually are. Self-aware of our existence, full of imaginings and hopes over our influence, but all the while only a self-conscious perception of the entire energy pond. The more individualized self-perception ceases, the more wholeness is perceived. A coalescing of energy that may reach a point of actual defining effect upon the nature of the pond. So, long as change is attempted through the limitation of individual perception, it is limited and localized at best, if actually achieved at all. It’s the paradox of life. To experience real change requires the real loss of self into the whole. It requires increased energy.

It takes energy to create, and to create means having a thought, an image with an emotion attached, and influencing the greater perceptive energy within and around us. Our achieving of change is dependant upon the universal balance of energy that must persist for formed life to continue to exist. The universe, this pool of energy beyond time and within it, is bigger than us. Is what we are in microcosm and in span of time. It takes all of us together to take thought and make it reality, within our limited space. It takes the influence of the total energy that gives rise to our experiencing of Being. And there are no guarantees as to what the results are going to actually be.

Not sure why I’m sharing this in this moment. Other than these words flowed through a human organism that doesn’t truly get this reality. A momentary self-evident Human that doubts his self-generated perception of it.


“Conscious life began with an observation. An act of observing, which led to an act of thinking about what is being observed. This relationship between observing and thinking is what drove our species towards creating a fictive language. A cognitive-based language reality that we often mistake as more real than the self-evident reality itself. This act of ‘thinking’ leads all thinking-creatures to an incessant need to be doing, beyond the basic genetic needs for survival, and this is especially the case with our human primate species. Like each cell is an important, though brief, part of the entire body of a nefesh chayah, a “living breathing-creature”, so are we individually – in body, mind, and consciousness – a briefly existing, but necessary, part of the ever-changing body of the human species. A species that is ever-growing more aware of itself consciously.” – Joseph T Farkasdi


Someone felt I should take a look at the following comment, quoted directly below, shared on a modern religion’s social media page. Your thoughts? Know we all wish it so.

“By paying attention to the way you feel, and then choosing thoughts that feel the very best, you are managing your own vibration, which means you are controlling your own point of attraction —which means you are creating your own reality. It’s such a wonderful thing to realize that you can create your own reality without sticking your nose in everybody else’s, and that the less attention you give to everybody else’s reality, the purer your vibration is going to be —and the more you are going to be pleased with what comes to you. — Abraham”

Hmmm, this presumes your reality is not shared by everyone else. How presumptive. Yes, from a mental perspective, it sure appears this way, and in a perceptive way we really live in our own unique perspective of the world. Which through attention to one’s feeling and thoughts we can manipulate. But, does your reality change? Or, is it just your perception on what is reality, as is already?

How much do you think you really control, beyond the feeling based illusion of reality in your mind? (The mind, a coherent pattern of energy that perceives itself and is generated from the filtering of constant sensory input by the brain. Physical and mental are one. Spirit is the emotional response to this.) If we really create our reality, then why are there are rules outside us that limit and define such pure intents – whether it will happen, how it will happen, when it will happen, if it actually happens?

If we really create rather than manipulate, then why does governance of a universe exist, that places the order of all above our wishful thinking? Maybe we control with our minds, even dream, but we create with our hands. Translation of thought to physical action. So, far the universe has shown my perception that it is partial to all form without regard, only regarding it’s own balance of pure transforming energy in this process. But, nice thought.

Wish every day I possessed that much energy to change the real world itself, with such a deep felt deep imagined vision, not just my perception of it. But, how do we do that? Maybe by stopping our believing in the fantasy and seeing the purpose of fantasy in itself. It starts within us, but it takes all of us! Beyond this, it’s just fantasy.